fell over this megalight for sale locally

Wonder if its a guy from in here that made it.

Looks nice… I suspect that it was built on 4x of the 100W COBs. A lot of work on the body…

Considering an asking price of almost $900 I think it’s someone from the other forum.
But then again: I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time …………

Yeah i looked up the “makers” and its someone with a 3D printer, but nothing on this light there.
So i assume its just a flashOholic that know his way around 3D design, that have made it.

He wants to trade it for something RC on a Danish RC forum, and he acknowledge the 6000 DKkr asking prize are somewhat optimistic.

But if i had money like that i would not use it on a flashlight like that.

Wonder how all that plastic is going to dig the heat…

Seem to have a lot of fans build in, and yeah they better not fail :smiley:

4*100w cob led, the cheap one will produce about 25000 lumen, so small for this size of light

Look how big and awkward that light is compared to the light in the link below!!!

100K lumen compared to a measley 26K lumen! :wink:

A beam shot video included.


Vinh aka FET drivers for everything. Boring

No way 4 100w cobs would be heaps of power like maybe 40000 lumens minimum? (Edit using Cree cobs lol)

So that is how you justify Vinhs almost quadruple the output of the other light!!! Also the X65vn is a hand held flash light and NOT a rectangular box that probably weighs 5 to 10 pounds!

Isn’t this thread about the supposed astonishing output of 26K lumens and NOT what kind of drivers are used?

I have to realize that people on BLF just do not like Vinh,Jealousy is a big part of that. With the deals I get I am not paying much more than stock. :wink:

Sorry OP I apologise,nothing against you. I had to post a hand held flashlight that is more powerful and practical.

I am not sure everyone was astonished by this light. Go read the thread again. It was you who could not wait to post Vinh. I am not impressed, all he does is stick a FET driver in everything and call it a day. Seriously, go look at all his lights. All clones of one another with different hosts. Boring.

As for this particular light, practical in what way? This light while less lumens will last substantially longer on its high setting due to better cooling and a much larger battery. Is the X65 practical when it only lasts 10 seconds on full?

Not jealous, I can easily buy vinh lights I choose not to as I find him uninteresting.

Whatever dude,oh that is right your from New Jersey!

It is all about preference and opinion. There are a lot more people who like his lights than ones who don’t.

Like I said,I should know better posting that on BLF because it is invariably going to get a negative response! :wink:

I am not sure how where I am from has anything to do with anything.

But you are right, if you want a Vinh echo chamber CPF is the place. There is a reason I don’t bother in his sub forum there.

FET DD drivers are soooo 2016… :stuck_out_tongue: