That really scared me.
I am not really sure if I should be using this charger anymore and couldn’t simulate the same effect again to show you guys.
Just wanted to share what happened.

If you guys remembered the signature variable strobe on fenix lights, it sort of happened in my charger.
Was charging two protected samsung 25r and two unprotected samsung 22e. In about 40 minutes later the LCD back screen just flashed a slow blink and comes in a fast blink and repeats.
The screen kinda froze in 0.0v 4.1v 0.3v 4.4v even after I remove the battery and it is still blinking. (and I noticed that 4.4v that appeared suddenly)

I wonder if this is due to insufficient power/heat to charge 4 cells at once or just this charger dying of age. So far it is charging normally now after switching it off and letting it cool

Does this ever happen to any smart charger? Most importantly to Fenix ARE-C2 or Thrunite MCC4 charger?

How much you bought the charger?

Edit: Just woke up, need more coffee!


About RM150 ($35?)

Couldn’t really ask my local fenix distributor as I couldn’t demonstrate the problem to them.
They said it should be fine with it. If it happens again then they’ll see what they can do as my warranty is expired anyway