Fenix CL30R won't go into Turbo mode

Mine is a few years old & I have never used it much until now & the thing just wont ever go into Turbo mode. When first using & selecting Turbo the thing steps down quickly to the next output within 1-2secs. The unit is showing three green LEDS so I assume the battery is fine, using the fenix ones that came with it. After a few more attempts it simply skips the Turbo mode when cycling. I can’t see how the batteries are bad as this thing is said to have a 4hr runtime. Did a quick search & fenix only seem to say it does this in exteme heat & cold. Anyone had this problem?Should I get better 18650 cells?

Are all the 3 batteries equally charged and topped in charge?
Best way to check it is to charge all batteries (preferently with a charger, not in the light, so that you can see the charging level), and then try to use it again!

I charged all 3 on my fenix charger. On Turbo mode got about 40mins until step down. Does that sound good for 2600mah? Should I go higher capacity or more powerful cells? Please advise thanks

Sounds like your cells are tired, to a degree.

Try some new 10A-15A cells.