Fenix diffuser addon

Interesting accesorie, but expensive. Are cheaper ones at DX, but this probably is better


Will it work on non-fenix ones?

It will work on any flashlight with a head diameter of 21-22.5 mm.

If you think this is expensive, look at this:


I would love a diffuser like the one from solarforce but the price is keeping me off decisively. If any1 come across a similar thing let me know please.

Another diffusser. Not fenix. Cheap and interesting desing


This looks exactly like my Fenix LD10 Light Diffuser but cheaper.

Fenix AD401 Light Diffuser

And how it performs?

It's easy to put on, fits many different lights and it diffuses very well. What I really love about it is the cover that flips up and down so you can switch it very easily. Lately I've been using it on my UltraFire C3.

But, the resulting beam? is floodier? or what? TX

It's all flood and is like using a diffuser on a cameras flash. Then you flip it open and you have your regular light.

Thanks. I will purchase it too