FENIX L0D i think it is dying

my wee FENIX has gone all funny on me

all rings and a black hole is the LED on its way out

it has been run on a 10440 for short bursts over the last 2 years

Doh! Sounds that way. Does it look the same on alkaline as it does on 10440? I guess you could always do an emitter swap on it. I've been running my LD01 on 10440's for a little over 3 months now and thankfully no problems...but it does make me wonder. Any chance it got left on accidentally?

Sounds likely that the LED has been toasted, the driver wouldn't do that to the beam. I imagine it'd be a pain to do an LED swap in it, it would be too fiddly for me.

no i has not been left on with a 10440 in it

i run it on a rechargable only put a 10440 in for the wow thing and then put the rechargable back in before i put the light back around my neck

i wear it on a neck lanyard output on a alkaline dose not seem to be as bright as it used to be

around 40-50 lumens on test agensed another light of of 40-50 lumen output

may be time to look for a new EDC

[quote=scruffy dog]

may be time to look for a new EDC


It may be...but before that, might as well take apart that one and see if it can be fixed. I see you lanyard carry it around your neck, and I assume under your shirt: Any chance it was ruined due to sweat? If so, you may try and blast some electrical contact cleaner in the head. If you do have debris or the like bridging over contacts on the driver this should clean it out. If not, break out the tools and tear into that little bugger. It's not like you can break it twice...

sweat is not an issue as I wear it between my work shirt and t-shirt, and fenix are pretty much waterproof, I don't sweat at work this is now someone elses job I have done plenty of that in the past, (I drive a truck with air con Cool ) and as for breaking it apart they are put together very well and it is not easy to take apart.