Fenix LD02 Announced

They just announced it on Facebook. Looks neat. It utilizes an XP-E2 with an added clicky switch and TIR reflector!


Looks nice. I don’t have a clicky AAA light yet. I wonder how much would it cost.

Great. Another flashlight I don’t need but want.

I prefer the modes on the LD01 I carry.

26 Lumens (3.5 hours) - 3 Lumens (27 hours)–72 Lumens (1.3 hour)

I have to agree but still nice.

Does it tailstand? In one pic it looks like the tailcap is protruding, in another it appears to be tailstanding (maybe just photoshop).
It’s probably a reverse clicky? I’d rather it was forward, love momentary on.
And I’m guessing the price is not going to be very budget…

Someone asked on their FB page if it tailstands and they said it doesn’t. But I could swear there was a photo of it tail-standing on their product page.

If it is true CC I might get it, if the modes go from L>H I will buy it faster, if they add a sub lumen level I will buy 10 of them.

the clip and the TIR look nice. I wonder if the head is glued. If not, it would make for a great hcri light.

10440 compatible?

I wonder why they keep using XP-E2’s behind TIR’s… Doesn’t make much sense to me. I know I would of been much happier with my E12 (not that it matters cause I used it as a host anyway) had it came with an XP-G2 and the lumen increase that goes along with G2 vs. E2.

Music: I’m sure it’s glued.

Wouldn’t the smaller die size of the XP-E2 give it a tighter beam, even with the TIR?

Whens the last time you’ve wished your 1xAA/AAA pocket light was a thrower? I know I havent ever wanted that and I prefer throw but in a pocket EDC light whats the point.

Other than the UI the narrow beam on my E12 was my only other complaint, when I built it I swapped to a 40* TIR and it couldnt be better. Stock was probably about 10**, maybe as low as 8**, almost unusable for the low amount of light it puts out and intended use.

Does anyone know if it’s for sale anywhere yet?

I picked one up at REI last week.It is very nice…it has a nice tint compared to the E01(the horror) and I love the clicky.
I wish it cycled low-med-high….but it is fine starting in medium.It is just a bit longer than the E01 and is VERY floody.I like it.For dark hikes to the store I prefer my much throwier E12.But for close work the LD02 offers a premium choice.
I removed the clip instantly upon purchase BTW.I use it as a pocket light for work to back up the E01 when I need more lumens.The E12 is great in jeans but not so much in dress pants.

Overall a nice AAA light.The floody hotspot is nice and pretty even to the edges.I always wanted a AAA clicky.

For short range work I highly recommend it.

I’m a Fenix fan yet mine will not work with 10440, clip is not as strong as LD01, but nice tint. Sadly, has 3 minute step down as the E01 2014 does.

Lumintop tool better clicky for the value and it works with 10440.

My $.02

love the LD01,want to know if they will upgrade it in the future.

Very nice flashlight, but cost too much for me (for an AAA little torch)… :~

Fenix LD02