Fenix lights

So kinda vague, but I sometimes have a chance to pick up used Fenix flashlights. They’re usually in just about new condition but they’re about half of the new price. Some of the ones I’ve picked up are LD20, PD32, PD22, E25 and a E05. Also seen a Nitecore SRT7. If I have a chance to pick up others, would anybody be interested? I’m not looking to make money so the cost plus shipping would be all I’m looking for. I’m not taking orders or anything but just wanted to check the interest to see if I should bother grabbing them.

Lights w/o the M.A.P pricetag, even if 95% condition are always popular and I can not see them sitting around for extended periods of time.

For half price you should be able to sell all you could get.

post had me laughing. This would probably only interest everybody!

That’s kinda what I wanted to make sure of. I’d turned down buying some because I didn’t need two of the same flashlights and didn’t want to get stuck with a second one if others wouldn’t want to buy it from me. If I can be pretty confident others would buy them, I’ll grab them when I get a chance and post them up here.

Hi, I would also be interested, but I’m not sure what the cheapest option to ship to South Africa would be?

That tends to often change a great deal into a no deal….

Some of those lights were ones I got about a year ago. They were pretty new at the time. I haven’t been doing this flashlight thing for a real long time. The LD20 with a XP-G R5 emitter was my first “high powered” flashlight. The two I just got last month was a PD22 with a XP-G2 R5 LED and a PD35 with a XM-L2 U2 LED. Pretty current LEDs! I realize they won’t interest everybody but if there were others interested I wanted to pass along the good deals.

Very interested :slight_smile:

I gave my mom a Fenix TK11 many years ago. No matter how many “better” flashlights I give her, she uses that one the most. I’ll have to bury her with it!

-Jamie M.