Fenix PD22 G2 and LiFePO4 16340s

So I have been avoiding carrying my Fenix PD22 G2 once my EDC collection got a bit larger and includes lights that run off rechargeable lithium ion batteries, such as the Jetbeam RRT-01, Sunwayman V11R Mirage, and Zebralight SC52w. I decided instead of letting such a nice light go to waste, I would try ordering some LiFePO4 16340’s and give it a whirl.

After doing some research and asking around, I settled on the K2 Energy LFP123 cell. They are about twice the price of the Tenergy cells, but apparently their claimed capacity is actually accurate. It is the cell that Surefire sells on its website as RCR123’s and says you can use them in any of their LED lights that require CR123’s. I ordered 4 of them from the Surefire website, which cost me $31.85 ($12 x 2 packs of 2 batteries, $6.95 shipping, and $.90 tax). Surprisingly, Surefire was the cheapest option for these batteries when buying 4. If I bought 2, eBay would have been cheaper.

I received them last night and tried them out in my PD22 G2. At full charge (3.60v), they work in the light with no problems. Their rated capacity is 600mAh, with a minimum capacity of 550mAh, which is about 2/5 the capacity of the rebranded Panasonic CR123 (Streamlight) it is replacing. It is a little on the low side for a 16340, but now I can use my PD22 G2 with impunity.

I’m not sure if I am damaging the LED or driver by running the K2 LFP123 instead of a CR123, but it sure is nice being able to put the PD22 G2 back in the rotation…