Fenix PD40R Experience

Thought I would pass on my son-in-law’s experience with the PD40R I purchased for him for Christmas.
Around the third of January he was night fishing at his favorite spot, and managed to drop the light off the boat into about 6 feet of water. Despite his best efforts he could not find it. Fast forward to the 14th of March, back at his favorite fishing spot, and when he pulls up the anchor, the PD40R is comes up with it.
Well, he cleans off the mud, dries the light off, opens the light, finds the battery is dry, pops the battery back in, turns it on and everything is working just like it did before it’s two month immersion. Control switch still nice and smooth and frankly the light looks like it just came out of the box.
I have not been much of a Fenix fan in the past and only bought this light for him because he requested it, but I have to say I am impressed. I may have to add Fenix to the list of brands I purchase in the future.

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