Fenix TK40 deserve or not?

It's said that Fenix TK40 is the brightest AA flashlight in the world ,the high output up to 630 Lumens,does it true?
What is the Comprehensive performance about this flashlight?
Someone who used it give some suggestions ,thanks in advance !

I don't know of any other 8xAA battery lights out there, so it is brightest AA by default. It is expensive, but Fenix has a good reputation. The light was released a year ago and Fenix was exaggerating lumens a little at that time, but it has been measured at over 500 lumens. There are reviews here:



Other than it's brightness, here's something that shows how tough the TK40 is.

Aussiebob's Fenix TK40 Torture Test

Wow! Great read. I do have new respect for Fenix now.

It's pretty impressive. I just found that our local Army Surplus store carries Fenix flashlights and since I opened up the TK40 case and tried it out, I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. Undecided

No its not 630. Its been measured at 550 OTF. Its the brightest mass produced AA light. My 9-AA mag 1185 beat it by 50 Lumens though... so its not the brightest AA overall.

My brother has had problems with his switch, and the parasitic drain bugs him sometimes.