Fenix TK76 Flashlight Global Testing Campaign

Fenix is searching for testers for the to-be-released TK76 flashlight. Learn more

Is that an ugly light or what?

I might as well give it a shot. I won’t judge a light until I actually used it. :slight_smile:


Ugly as hell…

I entered. We'll see what happens. Who knows, the light may surprise me. Looks like something out of "Star Trek: TNG" or one of the Aliens movies.

Tried entering, but each time, only another identical window pops up with all the fields blank.

I was gonna say it looks like something Optimus Prime would use on himself behind closed doors!!

Scroll to the bottom of the page and look if there is something like this :

I entered but I am 101% sure they are not going to pick me, need to have zillion+ reviews to be selected by Fenix…


Really Fenix Really !!!

Thank you! That was it. So I guess I made multiple submissions :o

Aaaaaand, cpfselfbuilt got the Fenix TK51 :expressionless: <- that’s my jealous face

Thanks. >.< I was going to apply but I think I won’t now I have this mental image.

Bummer. The TK51 looks pretty sweet. :expressionless:

I have been selected as a tester (I was rather surprised). I’ll be happy to post my review here. I wasn’t sure if I thought it was cool ooking or ugly, I reserve my decision until I have it in my hand.

Nice! Lucky you! I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of it. :slight_smile:

nice congrats!

god damn, could they select me for once :open_mouth: