FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

I think a few members watch soccer and I decided to make a thread.

Have you seen the goal of the US team? Only 32 seconds after the game starts. This was really fast :slight_smile:
The fastest goal in world cup history was after 11 seconds.

Is nobody interested in soccer (only with a giveaway?).

Today is one of the most watchable games in the prelims: Spain vs. Chile.
Spain, the world cup winner of 2010 have to win to get a chance for the next round. If Chile wins, Spain will be out. The Netherlands won their second game today.

Yes, it is out. :~


I did not see this thread. I enjoy my soccer.

Spain did not impress at all, I thought they would get a draw out of Chile, but they couldn’t manage it…
Where are David Villa and Cesc Fabregas, I cannot imagine playing without any of those 2 players…. :weary:

I think Netherlands got a surprise from Australia, that was almost a big upset…

England/Uruguay should be a good game tonight; in Africa we hope Ivory Coast will manage a win, but I think a draw, or even loss is more likely….

Feel free to ask about any particular match, I will give my 2 cents worth… :smiley:


Really thought England was going to take out Uruguay…. :~

I think spain is going to win the cup

Yeah, indeed they are. The cup of wine when they get home
I’m not into football, buy I really like to go to a bar to watch a match. I love those contradictory use of the first and thir person regarding The Spanish team. The last winnig years it was “we won the World Cup” “we won the euro cup”… Today is again “they lost agains chile” “they are losers”

Spanish team lost because they were not in shape. they came Brazil to sightseeing. It is a shameful. They are still laughting of us

Spain can share a plane with England and GO HOME…. :party:

In my opinion(and I am the expert, right not a expert I am THE expert) the main Spanish problem was casillas. If they would have broken his legs and made another one like chappie to the captain than they would have won….

Casillas had a worse attitude than this :_( emo smiley…

Q: What do you get if you see a Germany fan buried up to his neck in sand?

A: More sand

Sorry, not a soccer fan but couldnt resist.

Their strength is ball possession and through pass.
Imo, although Casillas made some awful errors, but if defenders doing their job better and midfielders sharp enough to make their rival hesitate to push forward often, they won’t be that easy to lose.
Looks like this time they lack of creativity and sharpness, finishing touch is terrible too, although ball possession still impressive.

I always thought group D will be tough with Italy, England and Uruguay on same group. But……. Costa Rica as group leader really shocked me. :open_mouth:

Calling football as soccer is blasphemy. :bigsmile: I live in a country which has a huge football crowd but we are not excel at that sport. I can only wish if we can qualify for the world cup in my lifetime.

Of course Costa Rica is a surprise. But I am glad, because I am always afraid of the spaghettis… I hope the urus break pirlos legs and steal balotellis earrings :wink:

The whole body language of casillas was worse than a depressive emo just before his suicide. And of course he has played less football in the whole season than an average fat 50 year old nonprofessional here in Germany…a captain like that is like a fast spreading cancer for the whole team

Germany Ghana, what a match!!, the best until now. Ghana has a incredible team, a great surprise. Germany has a very good team but that isn’t a surprise!.

Spain 3-0 Australia

Why have they wanted return home?

It seems soccer has not very interest in the world…
By the way, this sunday is the final match!.

I watch the ball!