FiiO F1 on sale for labor day $1.99 usually $14.99

Hey lads these earphones are on sale for labor day its Amazon USA only! I own a few products from FiiO i have 3 FiiO amps and a FiiO DAC they are really good quality products. I thought i would share this deal in its own thread.

FiiO is the top Chinese brand when it comes to audio they range from cheapish consumer to prosumer . I do not own any of there headphones/earphones yet but id buy 10 pairs of these just to thrash lol.

None affiliate link but it is probably tracked by FiiO seeing as i took the link from there Facebook.
Coupon code: QTWM3CU6

Reviews (this review is a tad harsh)



If any one wants to send me a pair i wont say no :stuck_out_tongue: