File sharing usable from China for big files

Does anybody know of services like wetransfer that can be used behind the Great Chinese Firewall?

Mega works in China, last time I used it.

Anybody knows ?

wetransfer forks too.

thanks, gonna test it with a AliExpress supplier who needs to get me a 1GB file with new phone software from China!

Which phone is that? Maybe I can help.

I don’t know what you need to do, but all my friends and I use Pogoplug.
It’s a $15.00 piece of hardware that has USB ports for external drives. USB sticks don’t work as well because of FAT32
With an older version of Pogoplug backup your friends Pogoplug drives will come up as a local drive on your computer. Copy and paste what ever you want. No file size limit
You can also send links of files, directories or what ever.

Isn’t Pogoplug defunct?

That is the Cloud Service that PogoPlug hosted themselves.


The whole point of owning a PogoPlug (hardware) is that you use it to host your own cloud service

For $15 it is the greatest little secret I know of. Once you get the hardware, there are no other recurring charges.

As I mentioned above, with an older version of pogoplugbackup.exe, you can see anyone’s pogoplug on your computer as a local drive in Windows Explorer, providing they give you the username and password.
Friends do :wink:
The Pro version even has a SATA port on the mother board for hooking up an eSATA drive.

This link is from my own PogoPlug.

And this one is an mp3 on one of the drives connected to my pogoplug.

PogoPlug Pro is $14.99 at Adorama. Order it and get it a day or two later, free shipping.

Link to buy

To use it as an NAS you need to get pogoplugbackup.exe version 5.0.0
Updated versions have that feature removed.

Do you know if there is any difference between these 3 pogoplugs? $9.95, $12.95, and $14.95

I used to know, there are subtle differences.
Just get the Pro version. It has the SATA port. All pogoplugs are USB2.0 only.
The Pogoplug Pro has a gigabit ethernet port and coupled with the SATA port inside, you can set up a great NAS for cheap.

Also, these pogoplugs are hackable.
Turn a Pogoplug into a Full-Featured Linux Web Server

If anybody wants pogoplugbackup 5.0.0 just PM me and I will send you a link.

Okay, I did it. Just pulled the trigger on the P³… :smiley:

I’m not sure what this PogoPlug is but could it be used to host pictures here instead of using the likes of Photobucket?

https too…


I will activate another Pogoplug pro I have new in the box to see if their terms have not changed.

Hmm the vendor gave me this site: (XXXXXX was a bunch of letters) and a password, all Chinese site, got the file though.

MRsDNF, carefull what you ask, you need that pgogthing IN the PC and the PC ON for pics to show if you can atually use it for hosting pics, 24/7 use for pics, there are easier solutons I think :slight_smile:


The pogoplug is a stand alone device and requires no PC
It is in and of itself a Linux based computer and draws very little power.
However I don’t think anyone here would want to use one to host pics

Thanks for the info. So its a no go. Cheers.

But it WOULD be great to host pics, mp3’s and huge files among a few friends.
That what I use mine for.
Also I use mine to stream mp3’s to my phone on the go.