Finished: Lumenzilla's entry for Modified Light Category - 2019 Old Lumen Contest

Instead of finishing my stucked contest entry, I decided to mod a flashlight that I wanted to do since long time ago and hopefully I can enter this into the contest.

The idea was to build a personalised flashlight out of cheapo flashlight hosts.

Day One

This is a Yupard C3 stainless steel from Aliexpress. I wanted to make it into stone wash finish but ended up became a rustic look flashlight.

Now remove all the components inside and do something with the host.

Rebuild the host with rubber seal on both ends.

Alcohol wash to remove fat and other nasty stuffs from its surface.

A dip into FeCl to create patina surface.

Wrong FeCl and water ratio, I need to keep it inside for more time.

After the surface is dark enough, I wash it throughly under running water to remove any acid left. Also more soap and detergent, not pictured.


Next, I wanted to create a stone wash looking but I don’t have any equipment. So I pour cat litter materials into canvas bag and dip the darkened flashlight host inside.

Put any means of force to manually scratch the body, by hand and feet :smiley:

Enough scars (I think) and the host went to another soapy bath (not pictured). Dried it and ready to be assembled. I replaced stock driver with Lumintop Tool AA driver and Samsung LH351D LED emitter.

Not bad lah…

It has Samsung LH351D emitter and stock reflector. I bought matched TIR optic but it haven’t arrived after months from Aliexpress. Will try to purchase TIR again.


It works!

Very nice! I like the finish! :+1:

yeah nice finish

I think it looked better all shiny, but maybe it feels better tactilely.

I do like stonewashed knives, however, and this is kinda similar.

Thanks goshdogit & Nicolicous

Every time I watch the before and after photos, I also thought that it looked better shinny.
The idea was to build a personalised flashlight out of a cheap one.

Wow, awesome work! :beer: terbaik Mas

I have one of these lights and now i want to do this. Awesome mod mate!

Very unique finish, I really like it. I wonder does it weaken it a lot, is the finish stable? I know ally can become sort of crumbly after hitting some chemicals?

Awesome mod, lumenzilla!

It looks like your host is floating magically in the air :smiley:

Good to see that you found a replacement for your original project.

That is just what I often do so I love the idea.

And I’d say that you have achieved a unique and high end look, with some nice internal parts as well.

Nice finish in more than one way. :beer:

Well done on completing your build :THUMBS-UP:

Thanks all for the supports, I think I will prepare my self for the next contest :slight_smile:

I also wondering the same thing.
I often sniff it to find any rust odour or other strange odour, but so far so good.