(finished)RD tech Trend Spotting Sale !RD6024 RD6012P RK6006 good time to make orders

@RD tech, sadly I do not.

Your RD5015 has been working well for me, as well as your USB monitors and testers.

As such, I do not have a need for more of them.

Personally, I’d love to have a high power USB monitor from you since they are very high quality, with stuff for support like ultrafast charging since I want to do some USB tests, like I have done in reviews using your products in the past.

thank you so much for your support , if you don’t more needs, it is ok, just help me to spread our products to let more people to know that
thank you again

@RD tech, do you think in the future, you could make something like an HD25/HD35 V2?

It would be the same product, but it would have undervoltage protection as well :slight_smile:

I don’t know , but I will tell our engineer, when they design new products, they will consider this suggestion, thank you

I ordered a DPS5005 and DPS5020 with the cases and will power them both by a Meanwell LRS-350-48. :+1:

Any plans for a RD6024P?

so sorry, there is not plan for RD6024P

Right, right, the sales started.

yes, it lasts 5 days in total and there are 3 days left

Quick question, is there any difference between the 800W and 1000W PSU when it comes to high-frequency noise and (temperature controlled) fan speeds?

Also concerning the RD60xxP series. Is there are way to have USB from the backside? They have USB on the front, but maybe it’s possible to plug in a USB board instead of the Wifi board? And build a USB connector in the back of the case.

hello, 800W PSU may have high frequency noise when there is no load connected, it will dispear when there is load, 1000W PSU has no high frequency noise, it only has fan working noise
for the USB port, because the converter is used to inserted into a case, so only the front panel is available, so it is to meet the most customers request

Good to know, thank you! I’ll have to get the 1000W PSU then to go with the RD6012P. This fits in the S800 case right?

Just ordered a dps5020 and a dph5005.
What power supply do you recommend to use with the dps5020?

yes, 800w and 1000w psu are all sutiable for S800 case

you can find 60V 1200W psu, it will be ok
but we don’t have such power supply , but try to adjust lower 60V to be input

it is good time to take the RD6024 assembled set, the price is already lowest

hello, for now the promotion sale already starts, if you have some products in your wishlist, you can make the order now, the price now is lower than normal price, if there is any question, just contact us

last day of the promotion, please notice the time, do not miss the chance to get the product with low price

last 6 hours of the promotion, if you still have something in your wish list, please notice the sale time