Finished this for a customer the weekend. Old school right angle light.

This little guy was very weak, only ran on 123A’s and had a horrible tint.

This was a real PITA! After finally getting the plastic ring out, I found a contact board with a wire about the size of a hair going to the driver. The driver is a little less than 14mm and wedged into the head. It had another hair size wire going to the switch and the switch was press fit to the case to make the - connection. Two more hair sized wires going into a tiny hole to the 8mm star with a first generation XP-G led.

I replaced the LED with a Nichia 319A in 5000k and replaced the crap driver with a BLF SK68 with 3 .380 chips on board. I replaced the contact board with a larger wire, could not get enough current and voltage to the driver. I high it thought the battery was below 3 volts on high! I could only gauge up the wire one size for the LED and switch, the switch was nerve wracking as it was all press fit into place. Everything was glued, including the little reflector holder. Was not sure I would win over this one!

Now it has 4 modes, a good tint and manages heat very well. Should be right around 400 lumens at this point! Good heat path in the head. Really a nice little light now!

Cool :+1:

I like your persistence matt. Loved the story that went along with the mod as well. :slight_smile:

It was a challenge, but it was also fun! This is the second old school light I have done for this fella and they are a nice change of pace. I was really worried I would trash this one. I have not seen that much glue on many lights.

Reminds me of this one:

From what i’ve read it’s also a modder’s nightmare though…

Internally the same, would not suggest it for a first mod!