Fireflies E01 - Need help to identify the built-in LED, SST40 or Osram?

I bought the FIREFLIES E01 LUMINUS SST40W 5000K Version from Neal, at least I ordered exactly such one.
After unpacking and trying out I first noticed that the tint is more in the direction of 6000k (ramped to ceil) and in turbo mode it changes to like 7000K, clear visible blue cast in the beam. Then I noticed the clearly intense hotspot, some ugly artifacts and rings in the beam profile, I assume due to the bad centering of the LED. When I removed the bezel with the glass and the optic to view the centering of the LED, I noticed that the LED does not look like SST40 (compared to the FT03). I suppose it’s the osram led which is offered as an option for the E01, it would suit the light color and intensity of the hotspot. This built in LED is dome less, the yellow flatspot of the led is not square but rectangular and Osram is also written on the mcpcb (but that does not always have to mean something), at least I wanted to get a confirmation about my assumption.
Therefore i’ve done two pics:

I would be grateful for a few opinions.
In the end I would still want to have the SST40 5000K, then i assume it is a nice light with this LED the TIR-optic. But the tint and beam profile as it is right now with the Osram LED in combination withe TIR optic of E01 is horrible.

It looks like an Osram emitter.

Could you post some beamshots? You might be one of the first owners of Fireflies E01 with an Osram emitter.

Yeah, I will try to make some today after work, but I have no experience with so far. A comparison to the GT mini should make sense, the beam characteristics have some kind of similarities.

Yes, this is the Osram White Flat 2mm². It would cost 7$ more so you have been upgraded. :wink: If you don’t like the led it shouldn’t be too difficult to swap it out.

Just got mine. Osram. Lots of rings, purple, with an intense hotspot of about 6000k with an orange ring around it. It does throw though.

Here are some beamshots, but as I said, I don’t have experience with thad, so don’t judge me too hard on the result.

E01 Osram White Flat 6500K

GT mini NW ~4000K vs. E01 Osram White Flat 6500K

D4Sv2 SST20 5000K vs. GT mini NW ~4000K vs. E01 Osram White Flat 6500K

The beam pattern and tint on the E01 Osram is not nice, maybe because of the TIR optic that not really was designed for this LED, but the throw capabilities are considerable.

Thanks for sharing! I wonder if there are any reflectors that one could easily use in this light instead of the TIR optic.

Someone, AlexGT maybe (could definitely be wrong there) has been looking into a reflector to fit since the E01 came out and has yet to source one.

I don’t have any interest so I’ve not looked myself, the TIR is well suited and performs so well I don’t see a need, but he’s posted several options he had tried and pics of failed attempts so I’m pretty confident in saying a COTS reflector isn’t available…

There is not a real reason why the Osram led should not work with TIR optics. It looks more like the focus plane is not adapted to the undomed Osram led and so is not optimal.