Fireflies E07 VS Acebeam X80-GT

Here a video recorded today of my two Fireflies E07 6500K next to my Acebeam X80-GT.

Forget to mention, this was tested with Samsung INR21700-40T SDI in both E07 and original Acebeams in the X80-GT.
The distance from where I am to the farthest point is 100 meters.

poor fireflies… no match for the acebeam lol.

I really enjoy the Fireflies E07. It is very impressive the flood/throw combination. In-person you can feel that reach more throw distance than the Acebeam X80-GT, however, the flood capability in the Acebeam has no comparison. Maybe the has the same throw distance but you can not notice this because the overexposure do not allow you to see farther.

Both lights get really hot, but you can feel more heat in the fireflies because does not has the handle like the Acebeam.
I see me ussing more the fireflies just because is very easy to pocket. The Acebeam has the carry belt bag that is very convinience, but when i have no belt is a problem.

Last nigth the bugs were very intence atracted by the ligth. I realize is not easy record with the cellphone and hold the ligth at the same time.
I will try to make better videos in the future. I have nice places around home for this.

By the way, this was recorded in Tallahassee Florida.

Here the Google earth coordenates.,–84.19009607,13.08258131a,402.40753317d,35y,0h,0t,0r

Hello from another Tallahasseeian. The brass and TiCu E07’s are on my to buy list.

Nice to see people from Tally here. The TiCu is in my wish list too… I really like this E07.

Do anybody knowns any application for iPhone Xmax camera to keep the settings or disable the auto white balance(ISO / Aperture ect) ?

I think the app “halide” may do the trick for you

Thank you very much. I just got it and i will be testing.

FF is a great light since its so compact and gives enough lumens and u can put it in jack pocket or whatever. In winter good hand warmer :smiley:

I really like the fact of flooding/Throwing capabilities. Also, the fact that came with the tube for 18650 battery option as well.

I am using one of my E07 with a Sony VTT6 and I notice runs coulder than my Samsung 40T. Yes, Samsung lasts longer since it is 21700.