Fireflies ROT66 Flashlight

Tom and I got a copy of the code today. It’ll be up soon.

Okay, I must be remembering it wrong. Thanks.

Here’s the output behavior on a scope. Gif from low to max FET. Horizontal lines are 100% 1x7135 and (1+6)x7135. The latter is almost impossible to activate on ramp mode so had to swap to mode config for that, but the 1x7135 I managed to do a couple of times.

Interesting. 7 x 7135 on the Nichia is right on the spot, the max temperature is ~43C in my runtime test. Curious about the brightness and stabilized temperature when 14 x 7135 are installed for the Cree version.


Sounds good, looking forward to it. :smiley:

That’s fairly clear to demonstrate how the modes are achieved. Well done, maukka :+1:

For me, nope. For us non EE, it’s just squiggly lines. Lol

Just like in the code shared previously, you can visually see that the low levels PWM between zero and 1x7135 at 16 kHz. 100% 1x7135 is of course without PWM. Mid modes above the single 7135 are PWM’d between that and the 6x7135 channel at 16 kHz. (1+6)x7135 is again without PWM. Then it PWMs at 32 kHz between the 1+6 and FET and finally transitions to full FET.

On a side note, at some point I’d like to reduce that 32 kHz to 16 kHz, but the attiny85’s second PWM counter works differently than the first. I’m not entirely sure it can run at the same speed.

(pins 5 and 6 share PWM counter 1, pin 2 or 3 uses PWM counter 2)

It looks like the Mid modes are PWM’d between 1x7135 and (1+6)x7135 (i.e., the 1x7135 channel is always 100%), aren’t they?

Oh yeah, exactly like that.

Yes, the 1x7135 power channel stays on, steady, when the Nx7135 channel is active. And both stay on, steady, when the FET is active… Except for the very last ramp step, where it’s FET-only.

Nearly all multichannel lights since the BLF-A6 have done things this way, because nobody has found a better solution yet without major hardware changes.

it would be possible in the ramping table when the FET gets active after like 25% FET slowly decrease the AMC output level, but in fact of having them on reduces PWM on the light output and different PWM frequencies dont interfere with each other

Just fyi here, I recently, like last week, tweaked NarsilM to run FET+1 on a triple channel driver. I did this in order to use a TA 30 mm triple driver, sanded down to 28 mm, in a Maeerxu M8 without using up my very limited supply of the "good" 7135's.

So in theory if this flashlight uses the regular design "TA" design for the triple channels, it can also run as a FET+1, Q8 style, just not taking advantage of the bank of 7135's. Wish I could find a source to buy the good 7135s at reasonable pricing.

Those here seem to be good

That's the German Ali, to US, shipping more than doubles the price. For the global site at the same named store, it's a different deal qty 10 for $1.51 no tracking, or if I order 100 (10 of qty 10), it's about $20, 0.20 each with tracking. Think I'll order the 100 deal w/tracking.

Hope I get what they pictured though - the "raptor claw" versions? Last batch I ordered from somewhere sent me the bad versions. Ali had been real good though with refunds when you don't get what you expected.


I wish do that for you.

How much?

I will inquire first.

Edit: 100=$5.41

I just paid bout $20 for 100 shipped w/tracking. Might be able to find them cheaper. Old pricing for us used to be 50 cents (Illumn, IOS, etc.), than FastTech became the defacto standard supplier here: fasttech-qty100-amc7135-350ma, for like 8 cents each at this qty, but no longer could guarantee what version they would send you. I'm hoping this Ali store will at least ship out what they show in the picture.

I found one potential bug in this are. This is a triple channel driver, so in this state, it's possible to choose mode sets 9 to 12, except they don't exist for a triple channel configuration. What happens as a result is uncertain - it accesses invalid locations in memory, so who knows what bad data references will result in.

Is it possible you tried selecting a mode set above 8?

No, I’ve only used the default mode set (4) with four modes + moon.

Ok, back to the drawing board...

Actually, I’m a bit worried about the extreme difference between advertised and measured lumen output of the XP-L HI NW. If I recall correctly the ANSI method states lumen output at/after 30s of runtime. So, we have 6.650lm vs. 10.000lm (for the cw V3 1A), i.e. this flashlight only achieves 66.5% of its advertised specs, is that correct? Okay, one could say the nw version might have A BIT lower output - even though it’s the same V3 binning - but 33,5% less seems far too much to me. I’m not even using those expensive VTC5A with low internal resistance but the usual VTC6. Thus I might experience even less lumens than charles lin did with his light.

I’m also wondering how much regulated output would remain with 14 AMCs on the board.