Fireflies ROT66 VS Fireflies E07

Hey guys, I am looking at both Fireflies ROT66 and E07. What are the differences between the 2? If I had only 1 choice which one should I choose? Owners of one or both lights feel free to chime in. Many thanks.

I'd choose the E07, except I haven't any flashlight budget left until later this year. Maybe by then the quality control issues will be resolved!

Th ROT66 will give you higher regulated output levels, longer runtimes, better heat management. Of course it’s larger and heavier.

It all comes down to which size you think you’ll be fine with. Both I’d consider too large for jeans pocket EDC, but moreso suited for jacket pocket carry.

Thanks guys for input. Funding or size will not be factor. I love higher output long run times. Any place where to buy 1 or both group buys, discount codes? Thanks.