FireflyLite E12R 12*emitters 15000LM 1x21700 Flashlight

I love my E07 just wish it had a magnet in the tailcap. Will you ever offer the magnet in the tailcap for the E07? Pretty excited to see the finished product.

Looks good. Glad to see the LH351D getting more exposure! It’s an awesome emitter.

Kinda cool to see the aux LEDs integrated into the main MCPCB :sunglasses:

This config is right up my alley. Possible W2 emitters? Is the magnet removable? That looks like a stainless steel bezel, and those look like throw optics.

The fifth pic, the General Prohibition Sign: That's me, doing that, all day long.



• Most efficiency 6A Constant Current Buck driver + FET , Efficiency > 90%

A buck driver would make this a perfect flashlight for red leds and E21A.

(1) Could you offer some 660nm red led, like SST-20-DR, or XP-G3 Photo Red?
(2) Could you offer some 730nm red led, like SST-10-FR, or XP-E2 Far Red?
(3) Could you offer E21A?
(4) Could you offer sliced LH351D? Slicing makes LH351D warmer and more rosy. I would really like sliced LH351D 2700K, it could have a CCT of about 2400K and it would probably be below BBL.

I would buy at least 3 660nm red flashlights, at least 1 730nm red flashlight, and also some with E21A.
I would also buy at least 2 sliced LH351D 2700K flashlights.

I’d also be interested in an E21A varient.

Yummmmy. I’m in

I like the emitter options and the high effiency driver. Been waiting for something like this. Just wish the head was a bit smaller but 12 LEDs is still pretty impressive for the size. Also please change the name back to Fireflies. FireflyLite is terrible.

I like it.


~Crenellated bezel

~TIR Optic designed for narrow beam throw… or medium throw.

Too many multi-led lights have a super floody “wall of light” beam pattern. I’m sure we all already have several in our collections, right? Please make this one more throwy.

I agree, Fireflies is a much better name than FireflyLite.

IMO the W1 would make much more sense in this light.

looks nice

Looks great! Please make in copper :slight_smile:

Me too, Fireflies sound right than fireflyte

The use of a buck driver has made me interested in this light.
I would love a 4000K 95CRI SST20 version. Its not as bright at LH351D but it is more intense which is useful in a floody setup like this.

Aesthetics look nice too.


This would be a great light for using multiple tints or even tint mixing / tint ramping. For example, here an idea I once had with the 7-LED optic using 3x 2.700K 90CRI + 3x 5.000K 90CRI + 1x SST20-DR 660nm...

With the 12 LED optic, the inner 3 lenses could be outfitted with Luminus SST20-DR 660nm for deep red light which is great for preserving one’s night vision capability or to avoid attracting insects.

ToyKeeper had some great idea to add red light into the tint ramping of Sofirn‘s LT1 lantern, so this flashlight could maybe offer stepless tint ramping from 5.000K to 2.700K to deep red light.

NOTE: All the prototype photos above do not represent the final E12R in mass-production.

Very interested! So is it actually in production? Is there a target date for release?

SST-20-DR 660nm has a much lower forward voltage than white leds, so it cannot be mixed with white leds in this way until unless we have flashlight drivers that can drive it separately.

Interesting design, especially the new driver. If it runs Anduril properly and meets its efficiency target, and can physically fit in other lights such as the ROT66 or even the E07, it could increase the appeal of existing products, too.