Fireflylite Flashlight-New store opening celebrate and 11.11 promotion sale

Our new website*:*

Looking forward to you~

Some surprise waiting for you~

any coupons for E12R with 519a?

Will there be more flashlights with the golden rainbow coating in the future? I really like it.

The site is crashed or...?

I see there is not PL09MU Quad or EO7X Pro there. Are products that appear only on the old site still available?

I want to know this as well.

I’m hoping they will put the PL09MU Quad on the new site with an 11.11 discount.

dear, there is no discount for e12r.

sir, some new products will be in stock later.

The site is working now.

Sure, We will continue to update a better product for everyone :slight_smile:

In some product pages there is mention of optional accessories, like 22430 battery and tube, but the drop down list does not show them to select (like on PL47G2…). Is that a defect to be fixed? Or is it necessary to contact you before placing an order?

How long will the sales/promotion go? Could you please add a payment option in Euro like the old website has?

Seems like they have a separate item listing just for the extra accessories.

Not bad actually because before you had to order a light and add the accessories as part of your order. Being able to just order these separately does make more sense.

Thank you for pointing that out. It’s simply not clear that this is the path to order these things. The product listing page doesn’t inform how it’s done, not even a link to that page.

Next, that option page has some problems. Note that when you select a body tube to be added, it’s listed as either aluminum or copper/brass. You can’t specify the color for aluminum and you can’t distinguish brass or copper. PLUS, there’s no mention of the 22430 battery. My guess is that this is not facilitated being able to order these separately. You must order a flashlight, then you come to the accessories page and add… and if you order a copper light, you’ll get a copper short tube… if you order a red aluminum flashlight, then the short tube will be red.

I did notice that too. And I figure you’re right about them likely connecting your short tube with your order as well. But if you order multiples, it can get confusing. The obvious thing would be to just specify that in the order comments section. But since the website is essentially in Beta right now, and they are making changes on the go and even taking peoples requests for features like what you mentioned added as well as LED’s or models. Someone mentioned they didn’t see PL09Quad, they added it. Someone asked for a gift card for a P01 giveaway, they added a $24 Gift Card to the Products Page. So if you think they should add something specific that would allow for a more fluid ordering, let them know through their webpage chat. They seem to almost be appreciating the help.

I have a red E07. But when I clicked the option to buy a 22430 tube, there is no colour option to choose. :rage:

You can add a note to the order

Ordered PL09 Quads in Blue and Red with Nichia 519A. Looking forward to them!

$44 bucks is a killer deal for that. Especially with 519A and all the accessories it comes with stock. I hope you enjoy those bad boys.

It seems like they will match the short tube with your order, but I would still add the note in the order comments section.