Fireflylite Flashlight-New store opening celebrate and 11.11 promotion sale

Beta? I would’ve thought that if they wanted outside consumer help with that, they’d have made an appeal to the BLF community and asked us to try it out, navigating the site, trying the shopping cart workflow, etc., on a special private URL. The way it is done right now, the feeling I got was that this was supposed to be a production ready online store website. All major bugs and issues already addressed. Anyway, if it’s a beta work-in-progress, I will make note of a few things and shoot them an email. Or would it be better to post it here?

Does anyone know if the aux-LED physical arrangement in the PL09mu is the same as in the PL09 and the PL47G2? If not, is it at least the same number of aux-LED’s?
EDIT: Finally found it. The PL47G2 and PL09 both have quad emitters and the aux LED’s appear to be 4, one adjacent to each LED on the periphery.

Where do you see the PL09 Quad for $44?

It’s not on sale for me on the website, so I ordered a PL47G2 instead :frowning:

I’m still excited for it of course, especially for the great price. I ordered XPL HI 5000k, though I’m wondering if I should have gotten 219b 4000k or 519A 5700k instead (or maybe in addition to?). My reasoning was I don’t really plan to use it a headlamp (where high CRI is most valuable to me), I like the XPL HI 5000k tint (and I’m assuming fireflies uses a good tint bin), and I’ll get use out of the extra output and throw outdoors.

Though with the 4x7135+FET driver, it’s not sustaining more than ~300-400 lumens no matter the LED, so as an indoor/work light, maybe I should’ve gone with one of the high CRI options. If 519A 5700k dedomed was available, I probably would have chosen that.

Meh, I’ll like it either way.

Also, some of the LED options on the old website aren’t on the new one. I would liked to have ordered a PL09 Quad with the new V4 XPL HI 5000k, which was on the old website, but it isn’t an option now. W2 would be an awesome option for that light as well.

Also also, the “Subscribe to our newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase” at the bottom of the site didn’t do anything for me.

Correct, I am seeing $55 for PL09 Quad.

If the is placed in the shopping cart, a discount will be deducted.

Thanks, some great deals.

Yeah that’s what I was saying, they’re pretty on it on their site chat. And they didn’t say it’s in beta, I did, so they weren’t asking. I was just saying it to let you know that if something is missing you’d like them to add, then they likely would if you let them know.

It goes down when you put it in your cart. It shows the “11.11 sale”, or something like that.

Also, if you don’t see an LED, ask them for it. They will do it and likely add it

Thanks Lojik for your suggestion.

A few months ago I bought a “red” FF E07 from Neals Gadgets, together with a 22430 “red” tube.

What I was given is a faulty tube without the screwing thread on one end. Hence it cannot be fit to my E07 head flashlight. :person_facepalming:

Complaints to that seller went unasnwered and I just gave up. :rage:

Now I hope to get a good 22430 tube from this new FF shop, although 10US$ is rather expensive for such a simple tube. (I don’t need any 22430 battery; I have one, unused for quite some time).

^ By “short tube kit,” I think you get the battery and the tube. If not, I hope it’s simply $5 more. Those batteries are really very good, but oh so hard to come by. I’ve not found any other vendor as yet selling 22430 (very odd size).

I gave up on NG (long story, but they screwed me twice). Frankly, I’d rather cut out the middle-man and go straight through Jack.

When that tube arrived I’m not sure if you contacted Neal or Fireflies, but what I would do now is contact Ivy through their website Chat. Send her your order receipt from Neals and a picture of the tube. Tell her you bought this over there but we’re give an un-threaded tube on one end that won’t work for obvious reasons. Show it clearly as it may not be easily clear to see. Ask her if they can refund your PayPal account the cost so you can purchase a new one on the new site.

No sellers will send out missing items like short tubes, bezels, batteries diffusers or stuff like that. Usually you have to ask for you money back on those parts, or wait and remind the seller to send you the missing part on a future order.

The other way you can get a resolution is to file a PayPal claim if you don’t like those options. That would force any seller to respond or you get a refund. And PayPal will ask you, “how much refund are you requesting”. And if the seller fails, you get the refund amount you requested.

Hope this helps.

When can we expect new information/pictures of the P03? I thought the release was supposed to be today or something. All in all I’m very intrigued by those specs.

Thanks Lojik for your kind advice.

It was long ago and I don’t want to waste more time on this chasing for a refund from Nealsgadegets.

I did place another order for this elusive short “red” tube with this new FF online vendor. Paid US$10 for it.

I did send the vendor a note saying that need a “red” tube. And the vendor has already confirmed that a “red” tube will be sent shortly.

I was sent that same tube from NG recently, I think perhaps I should have specified that I wanted the E07 tube since there were multiple models in the same listing? I believe this is one for the PL47G2. Perhaps I will pick one of those up while they are on sale…

Oh dude that is so true, I don’t know how I missed that that’s a PL47 Short Tube. I thought it was an error tube that was missing threads. But I just checked mine and it exactly the same. So two People getting this tube means Neal might be sending the wrong short tube to many E07 buyers. Wonder if he knows that yet. Anyway, here is mine.

Completely understand, and your welcome. Glad you at least have the right one coming now. It turns out Neal’s is sending PL47 tubes incorrectly. Don’t think he knows it yet either. I will mention it to Jack next time I speak to him.

I guess the shipping situation in China is super unreliable with all the lockdowns. They were told they would arrive on the 13th, but they clearly have not. This week seems like inevitable, but I’m still hoping like any minute now.

any plans for adding payment in EURO on the new site?

I have gotten used to bad service from the Chinese sweat shops. Dont think for second you are dealing with Best Buy.

Its a game we choose to play. The risk is low, the payoff is good. What’s not to like, and the Chinese know it.

I just bought a flashlight today from a company named Fireflies. $45 quad Nichia, 21700, free shipping from you know where.

What is the return policy? Is there a money back guarantee? What if I found the price lower somewhere else?

Like I said, it’s a game we choose to play.

We can at any given time take our winnings and move on, but instead we keep coming back.

You can just request for them to dedome it. They will do it for you.