Fireflylite Flashlight-New store opening celebrate and 11.11 promotion sale

I’m sorry there is no promotion for the E12R.

Hi dear,P03 will be in stock this week :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support of our lights. :slight_smile:
Yes dear, we noted your order.

Yes dear, if you want the E07 tube please in the remarks of the order. :slight_smile:

Yes dear, later we will add payment in EURO on the new website. :slight_smile:

Hey, my understanding is that the Lume1 lights were out of stock due to parts shortage- has that passed or have the lights been modified to use a different driver?

It’s all over Reddit that they are back. They were posted here too, but sometimes it gets seen, sometimes not. Anyway, Lume 1’s are back, as well as a New Improved Lume 1 . The OG Lume 1 is in stock, but the new ones are arriving next week or so. You can request either. E07x is only on right now, but the rest E12R, T9r and Nov-Mu are on

E07x is very limited, as is Nov-Mu & E12R. But you gotta figure new ones will arrive some months down the line. Anyway, T1R is coming too, as is a the New X1 Single emitter 21700 Thrower with a new Lume Boost Driver. LEP’s, these P-Zero series lights (14500, 18650, 18350).

So if you were waiting for something to return, now would be a good time to jump on it.

Edit: Just saw someone say all current E07X might now be sold, so could be couple more months for more. I’d still double check through their new website chat with them directly, just in case

Oh my, thanks! Sorry wallet.

Oh man do I know it. :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: I’ve been struggling to hold back. Already got a E12C and E07x ordered. So much is coming that I have to have SOME restraint. But we’ll see how that goes.

Edit: Forgot to tell you that Jack is also expecting, or already has 2700k & 5700k 519A’s, in addition to the 5000k

I think the improved E07x will be released sometime in January with the new driver, along with LEPs.

I’m happy to hear that. Although, seems like everything just keeps escalating to better and better. First it was, E07x is back. Then it was, now we have 519A 5000k. Then it was, now we have New Improved Lume 1 Driver. Then it was, now we have 519A 2700k & 5700k coming in too. Now there is a small redesign & improvement on Gen 2 FF Pro models like E07x? Oh brother :slight_smile::slight_smile: :partying_face:

I’m rooting for Fireflies. I hope these new lights have better quality control and I’m liking the innovation taking place. Sofirn and Convoy don’t even have LEPs yet! I also goe they can make enough fur everyone!

From my experience (25 Fireflies last few years), they have significantly better quality control than what I’ve heard some say they were seeing when Fireflies was still a baby as a company. I have lights 2+ years old that are perfectly fine. Only thing that has ever failed on me from all my lights that was light-related, was when one button AUX went out. But it worked for 2 1/2+ years so it’s obviously just one of those things. But I will say there is always stuff that can slip through the cracks like with anybody. But Fireflies has been pretty much killing it for a while now, and stuff looks to only be getting even better. And when I have seen a real issue come up, Jack takes care of it, which is exactly what we would expect him to do. Actually I had a problem with Neal that Jack took care of when Neal ghosted me. So I know no one is ever perfect, but Jack has turned his little outfit into something pretty damn special IMO. The stuff he puts out is not easily duplicated. Feel so lucky to have gotten on board when I did. I have some FKN GEMS, and Jack has even more on the way, apparently. :smiley:

I’d thought about getting the E07, especially with the sale going on, but it sounds like it’s worth waiting for the E07X, even though it’ll cost more. Will Jack have 519A 2700/5700k mixed tint available too?

Yes, Jack will have those 519A CCT’s in any day now, if he doesn’t already. And he does do tint mixing, you just need to send him a photo of the face of the light you want showing clearly what emitter you want where. Same with AUX mixing, though E07X is RGB so it doesn’t matter there.

Thanks for the tip using an image, which will help overstep any possible language related misunderstanding. I set up a template for myself to assist with making a photo illustration of customization, this one in particular for the PL47MU/G2:

Thanks for doing more currency, now I don't have to pay the exchange rate to payments site. It's not as cheap as in the older site, but still little cheaper than it was in $.

Waiting anxiously for my E07x to get here with the updated Lume1, and 519a's. I believe the expected ship date was 11/16....would be awesome to have it for Xmas!

You’re welcome. And oh man dude, killer job on this. Definitely a big help with the language barrier. Mine haven’t been quite this nice. Hope you dig it.

Just saw 519A 2700k & 5700k start shipping. So for the E07x, my guess is we’re waiting for the new drivers now. I got E07x and both new 519A CCT’s, so I hoping it’s soon too.