Firmware update help - BLF Q8, D1S, S2 - a few questions

I’ve been a lurker here for a while and recently decided to start posting.

I want to load ToyKeepers Anduril onto my Q8, D1S and S2 - I’ve started with the Q8 as the driver is the easiest to access.

My compiled .hex file is only 173 bytes, for comparison the one I dumped from the Q8 driver to file is 16.8k, does anyone have any idea where I went wrong please? I had no errors compiling in Atmel Studio 7.

Once I’ve got that sorted, I understand that the D1S driver should press out if I desolder the wires and remove the emitter board, and that I need to change the comments in the .c file to change the driver type to the Emisar D4, but for the S2 (not S2+), am I correct to understand that I need to desolder the outer two solder joints here to remove the driver please?

…and then that the pill can be unscrewed with circlip pliers?

Lastly, where can I find the fuse values for flashing Anduril please? I’ve searched but cannot find them.


I can’t help you with the firmware stuff, I don’t use the Atmel suite, but I advise you to try and get the S2 pill out before trying to desolder the driver board. Your picture suggests that you might just have enough space to get a pair of tweezers or similar tool into the pill screwing notches.

That way, the head of the light won’t be acting as a heatsink and making it harder for you to get the solder up to temperature. Too much heat for too long and the SMD parts will start falling off the driver board just as the board comes loose from the pill…

Thank you, I think I’m going to leave the S2 as is.

I figured out that I needed to sort out the ATTINY definition in the firmware to fix the compile, and discovered that you don’t need to change or specify the fuses if the driver is already running Narsil.