First build (green zoomie) - what do I need?

Whilst looking into a far reaching green light (having been blown away by how useful a green C8 was) a Reddit user helpfully pointed me towards a build he did with an outrageously high kcd. Even if I don’t get the same result, it’s about time I dipped my toes in the modding waters. It’ll be UF-1504 based (and I can’t find a host, so I’m just going to buy one and replace the internals.)
Unfortunately I’m struggling slightly to work out the exact components I’d need. However assembly wise, it was compared to putting together an S2+.

To quote the Reddit user:

I think the first is on the list - W1 on board is:
That look right?

Driver wise, I’m not really sure which of the 5A drivers Simon sells I should be looking at. These are the options:
4000879891929 - 12 groups
33007449093 - 4 modes
32989372464 - ramping

No idea of which of those I should be going for, although if it’s purely a preference thing I’d probably go for the 12 group and stick it in 100% only mode.

Having never done anything like this before - nor soldered anything - is it worth ordering 1 or 2 spares of any of those components?

This is all a bit intimidating but if it works out I suspect it’ll really give me some options moving forwards and hopefully be the beginnings of acquiring some new skills.