First charger noob. Is mine broken?

I have a Nitecore UMS2 and 2 new green Sony VTC6 18350s. I put them in the charger 2 hours ago and no movement in the meter. Still at 0%.

Also, short/long pushing the C and V buttons does nothing.


ps this place doesn’t allow drag and drop pics?

You need an image hosting web for the pictures.

Here is detailed how to do it:

Measure voltage independently across the cells, eg with a meter?

0.0V is bricked, not a good sign.

Thanks but no meter. Totally new to this.

Small hotwire bulb and unbent paperclip?

Need to see if it’s the charger or cells that are wonky. Otherwise, you’re stuck.

@mcdj, I would recommend buying a basic USB meter (AT34) from this manufacturer:

A USB meter is extremely helpful.

Are they flat tops?
Is the battery actually touching the posts?

Yup. Tried adjusting the position so they touch even more surface. Nothin.

Sorry folks, should have done this before…

Just realized I have another rechargeable battery, a Nitecore CR123 sized, and inserting it into the charger resulted in the charger coming to life with all kinds of reports on voltage, status, etc.

So looks like Neal sent me 2 dead Sony batteries.

Can anyone tell me exactly what battery to use (and what mAh) with the FW3A and the above mentioned Nitecore charger? The Sony was automatically suggested by Neal’s website.

Also, how does one dispose of 2 dead 18650 batteries?

1, 30Q’s
2, sell em on eBay relabel them 4500mah :wink:

Shoot Neal an email. See if he’d make good on ’em?

Should get the answer by Christmas
edit ,That was posted with lots of love.


I ordered the light and batteries/charger on June 13th. Emails asking for tracking info were ignored for 3 weeks. Someone suggested filing a PayPal claim would get his attention. It did. He informed me of the optic issue. I told him I wanted to wait for the light with the optic I ordered. A month later it came, with the non-carclo optic. What did I wait for?

So what are 30Qs?

Samsung 3000 mah goodness ,pink wrapper.

Flat top will work & is better than button top because it hasn’t been touched by anyone since it left factory.

What are you plugging the usb power cord into and are you using a good quality usb cord. Says it needs 5v 2a input power.
On the website it says “when a over discharged IMR is inserted the screen will display EE EE, in this case long press V for restoration mode”.
Since you didn’t say it was displaying EE EE and showing 0v, I’m just guessing that its not plugged in to a appropriate power source or maybe a cheap usb cord.
Some cords will not do more than 1 amp even when plug into a 2 amp capable power source. I’m guessing the resistance is to high and the device steps down the charging to 1 amp thinking the power source isn’t capable of 2 amps. Just my guess, but its not the first time I have seen cheap usb power cords only allow 1 amp output.

I used the plug it came with into my MacBook, and also used a Mophie cable into the charger the Mophie 7w wireless charger came with.

I had an excellent experience with Liion warehouse 2 weeks ago. Got my charger and batteries all cells were perfect. They even sent a free battery operated fan and everything shipped quick. Good luck.

What happens when you put them into the flashlight? If it lights up then the cells aren’t dead. When cells are sent out they are usually around 3.6v give or take a little. I would also try to find someone who has a DMM to check the cell voltage.

Nothin. Dead.