First complete flashlight build!

Well, I finally finished a build. Took forever, learned a lot along the way, did a TON of lurking and learning. It’s not much, but I’m proud of it.

I started off wanting an mt-g2 light, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. I got the led on a 20mm mcpcb and tried sticking it in a defiant flashlight from home depot. I bored out the body to fit 2 26650’s and tried a 6v driver I had from another project. Turns out that the defiant lights really don’t have that much aluminium in them. It got hot, like stupid fast, but put out a lot of light. After much debating, I just settled on buying a convoy c8 host and a qlite driver with the zener mod. This thing is really nice! I was surprised at the quality of the C8 host. Anywho, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me blabber, so here is the finished product!




great work man, makes me want to get into some modding too.

Is this with the new pill-less design c8?

Looks great!

Awesome build, I wish I have more time to spent :smiley:

The defiant light getting hot quick more than likely pointed to the fact that it was good at getting heat away from the led. The MTG-2 loves to make heat.

Congratulations on the sweet build. I'd suggest that when you next think of the next mod to start buying multiples of what your ordering. If the bugs bitten you will need them. Thanks for sharing.

Yea, it’s the new c8 with the shelf. It was a booger to get the wires to slide through for the led. I guess the holes are just sharp from machining.

I think I’ve definitely caught the bug. I’ve started 2 new project since completing this one.

How well does it cope with the heat? I will be getting a host soon from BG and I will be making mine soon but still don’t know just yet if mt g2 will be my go… That’s a nice finish built you did bro. :smiley:

So far pretty good. It gets warm pretty quickly, but not hot enough where it’s uncomfortable to hold. I haven’t run is on high for more than about 5 minutes yet. I’ll probably do some runtime tests on it here soon. I’m kinda nervous about it because there’s no low voltage protection in the driver or the batteries.