First Impressions Sofirn C01S

I just received a Sofirn C01S and am really enjoying it.

It uses a 4000k SST-20, and it has 2 modes. I find both modes very useful indoors, I especially like the beam shape, which has a nice wide hotspot with even brightness.

Here are some comparison photos

fwiw, the Sofirn C01 is being reissued with a 3400k High CRI 5mm LED

imo the little AAA Sofirn host is very practical, and includes a reversible clip that can be used on a hat.

There is also a Sofirn C01R available. It uses a 660nm Red LED. Some of you may know that Red light has therapeutic properties.

All versions of AAA Sofirn, C01, C01S, C01R, are excellent options imo.

Looks like a good flashlight jon_slider. Thanks for reviewing.

Do you like tint on low mode from sst20?my sample was a bit green

the tint is not my favorite, it has positive duv of 0.0032, identical to sunlight

I prefer sw45k with tint below the BBL (negative duv),

but that is not one of the choices

Given the present choices
the SST is a great High CRI option at this price point
and has a very useful beam, that make me really like the light

and SST has higher R9 CRI than LH351d

I think the Sofirn SST20-4000k is a tint lottery.

I also got Sofirn C01S (SST20-4000k) that’s slightly greenish (I’ve had some worse ones from other flashlights, but it’s about middle-of-the-pack for SST20-4000k I’ve encountered).

However, I did get a Sofirn SC31B (SST20-4000k) that is definitely rosy, it basically matches (or may even exceed my Astrolux MF01-Mini SST20-4000k which has fairly rosy tint)…

So I suppose it’s a luck of a draw.

We need 0.1lm (or less) firefly version of C01S/R still 3 modes reversibles
I found 0.5lm of SP10S a bit high on night for close inspection

Sofirn has already threaten us with a three mode driver. Or was it Lux? No good on a twistie. Hope it can be configured H-M-L then.

C01R has LMH driver

Actually,the majority on BLF decided to do so, see the original poll:

As far as I have learned, most customers are happy with the new 3-mode UI which can also run in reverse order. Anyway, I am open for voices of criticism.


Twist the body instead of the head? :sunglasses:

Or put the battery backward ? :sunglasses: :question: :open_mouth:


Now seriously, I’ve ordered Sofirn C01S, not arrived yet. If it was avaliable with 3-mode I’d have ordered that instead.

Good to read this review, unfortunately the pictures do not show on my phone.

For me is always good have multi levels with sublumen and reversible UI conf.
Even though can be uncomfortable change levels on a twist.
I don’t like the break black during head rotation when I change modes.
Not a big fan of twist lights also for others reasons like contacs problems
Hope Sofirn will relase a tail switch version .

Tail switch version will be great! With 3-mode moonlight-med-high :slight_smile:

Moon makes perfectly sense on clicky lights. Twisties need a good debouncing algorithm, and I’ve never seen such a light. Sofirn could try to do such a driver with new C01S/R lights. A timeout of 0.05s should probably be enough to prevent mode jumping. That would be something.

But please, leave C01/C01S/R untouched in their basic design. We have the (Drop)Tool AAA for a varity of eswitch and clicky options.

I know the poll.

At least, tell Sofirn to debounce their lights. As written in another thread, a timeout window of 0.05s should be enough (i.e., don’t accept mode switch for half a 10th of a second after last mode switch). Maby needs to be longer, but I think it could work this way. Requires new hardware I guess, an additional capacitor on an IO port.

wow, cool!
so I can keep my Red as LMH
and you can set your HighCRI to HML

all happy :slight_smile:

I think Sofirn did great creating a 2 mode driver


cockroach fans are going nuts about the fantastic runtime of the C01S on Alkaleak:

[QUOTE=famous moderator offsite]
C01S alkaline runtime

36+ hours of sustained low level output on an Energizer alkaline

“dead” cell from the C01S running in my C01 Yuji 5mm.
Total of
8 hours now… [test ongoing]

This might be the ultimate AAA combo- C01S with great beam, tint, and higher output and still great runtime, and then the indestructable cockroach C01 Yuji 5mm to vampire every last mah out of your cells.

Off to order another C01S or two… [/QUOTE]

I think another run of C01 w 5mm Yuji would sell like hotcakes.

That would be a very limited edition for ww since they’re out of production. But the LEDs rngwn found and Sofirn will be using are a good replacement.

Only cw can be ordered.

ah, thanks for the link
I agree the rngwn LEDs are also good

I especially like the Daylight White 5mm LED lights… since Sofirn is only producin Warm ones this run… there remains some opportunity to produce 5600k Yuji after the warm ones sell…

also great they are available in small quantities from Oz