First time zoomie

Hello all. I’m going to open my world to a ’’ zoomie’’ and would like some suggestions.
I’m looking for one that is as small as possible using a 18650 cell
I’d like it to be really floody and zoom able obviously
I’d also like one pre made with only high and low settings
No strobe or sos
Thanks in advance, you guys haven’t steered me wrong yet I appreciate it

It’s the no strobe part that makes it hard… are you prepared to replace the driver yourself? In that case you have more options.

This one is rather small and has good flood:
It’s also easy to file down the part that slides so the lens can come closer to the LED. It has horrible modes default though. I have replaced the drivers in mine.

Thanks I don’t know if I want to replace things. Is there possibly one smaller. I could spend a couple more bucks if it’s worth it. I want to be able to put it in my headband if need be

The tiny 18650 Aleto zoomie should be much smaller than the 503b. I’ll see if I can find you a link.

Hmm. This isn’t it, but it’s somewhat close…

How about that light with a link other than ebay

Small lens zoomie with an XM-L(2) has poor throw because the LED is so big…
Even XP-G(2) projects quite a big square with a small lens.

So what do you suggest for a small enough zoomie to throw in a headband occasionally

Have you tried the BLF custom search box in the upper left corner of the page?
Type in: 18650 zoom
for that group of results.

But 18650 is going to be heavy on a headband. If you’ll take AA,
you’d probably be happy with a SK-68

Its difficult to find a Zoomie without the strobe modes, unless its a AA Sipik SK63 original.

of all the zoomies i have, the most versatile is a black version of the SmallSun TY-T15. It has the wides zoom flood beam of all the zoomies i tested, and good throw for an XM-L emitter. it runs on a 18650, but also has a AAA carrier for emergencies with standard batteries. ( it has 5-modes though, but a driver swap is easy with the 17mm driver like a Nanjq 105c series with settable modes and no strobe/SOS.

I also have this mode, its a nice pocket sized 18650 Zoomie with a good price, and also fits the popular mode-ajustable Nangq 105c series of drivers:

Nice that ultrafire seems to be the smallest one yet with some power to it. You talk about changing drivers and things. Can I get one that is decent and ready to go? I’ve accepted that I won’t get it with the modes I want

What they say is probably what you’d get:
Mode Arrangement Hi > Mid > Lo > Fast strobe > SOS

Yeah I’m OK with the modes I’m really more concerned about size, weight, and brightness

The Ultrafire Zoomie XM-L is definitely small enough to pocket. If you can do some soldering, its an easy mod to swap out the original driver for a Nanjq with better modes.

My favorite 17mm drivers from InternationalOutdoorStore is the Nanjq 105c Qlite-Rev 3.04 amp that has customizable Mode groups inclusing Moonlight/nightlight mode:
or for longer run time and less cost this 1.05 amp 17mm driver with customizable Mode groups. ( connecting the 3rd star will give you the High/medium/Low modes ( no strobe or SOS) or 4th star on the board will give you High & Low mode only) >

I have full understanding if you do not want to replace drivers and solder. It’s not for everyone.

If you are going to be turning it on and off a lot I would watch out for so called “next mode” lights, especially if it has 5 modes. The “next mode” means that when ever you turn it on, it will start in the mode after the one you had on last. For example, if the light’s mode arrangement is high > mid > low > strobe > SOS, and you have it on high, the next time you turn it on it will be on mid. Turn it off again and it will start on low the next time you turn it on. Say you want the light on low most of the time and you set it to low, the next time you turn it on it will be on strobe and you will have to cycle through all the modes to get back to low. Pretty darn annoying, especially if the light is on your head.

For some drivers there is a trick to getting rid of this next mode and it will always start on the first mode, but to do this you will have to take your light apart, and it might not apply to the driver on the light you get…

If you think this “next mode” feature will bother you, try to find out weather it has it or not. The light I posted about above, I don’t remember if it had next mode or not, I got rid of the stock drivers rather quickly.

Thanks. Yea that would be quite annoying. Especially since I would be using it quite often. I don’t have a sauder gun or anything. I am a handy person and it should be no problem to do it but I’ll need tools. Definitely looking for smallest and brightest tho. Is there a smaller Lithium battery and light that will produce high brightness?