Fishing Light - As bright as Tm16GT

The TM16GT is my preferred light at the moment for fishing - it throws a very bright light.

My only issue is that it throws a fairly narrow beam a long way - I don’t really need that - I’d prefer a wider beam of at least the same brightness thrown less far.

The reality is I am generally holding my light in my hand and scanning the water between 1 metre and 20 metres away.

Any suggestions?

I am wondering if I need to look at 26650 lights - I assume the 26650 batteries might give more grunt than the 18650s?

Convoy L6 or Thorfire S70 would both fit that bill nicely. They are 26650 lights. Those batteries pack about the same punch,just more of it. Usually much higher capacity than a typical 18650.

If you don’t need as much throw, you would have been better off with the TM16 over the TM16GT.

The Acebeam K60 provides much more light and is of higher build quality. I would suggest that.

I already have a S70 (got it in a group buy here) - I prefer the TM16GT over it.

I will try a L6 - thanks for the suggestion

The higher build quality comment surprises me - I have been super happy with all my Nitecore lights (and I have quite a few).

Where would you recommend I source the K60 - I have had a look at Gearbest and Banggood - neither list it.

For the L6 which emitter would you recommend

N4-1C or N2-3A

“I’d prefer a wider beam of at least the same brightness thrown less far. ”

When you say it like that it sounds like you want the same lux (throw) only wider?

The TM16GT uses a plastic reflector while the Acebeam uses all aluminum. Quality may be subjective, but I also prefer the magnetic ring for modes. Both are high-quality lights though.

Acebeam follows a strict MAP policy, so deals can be harder to find, but they are available. It is available on FastTech for ~$170, but I paid less.
use BLF discount code.

Maybe HKEquipment or Andrew-Amanda could provide a better deal for you.

The convoy L6 is very similar to the S70. You won’t see much difference between the two.

It sounds to me like you would simply like a flooder with ~4000lm output.

Have you looked at the M43?

Maybe a Thrunite TN30?

But wait there was another BLFer who hated the turbo stepdown of the S70 while fishing, can’t remember who but sure I read it, and the L6 does not have that.

I would think the warmer emitter would show up better on the water or mist, fog

The M43 looks outstanding and the reviews are great. My only concerns with that light are the use of only unprotected batteries (minor) - the soda can design and heat (major) - I want a light I can hold for 90 minutes on as close to maximum power as I can get it - I find a lot of soda can designs don’t dissipate heat real well (hence I like the design of TM16GT).

The Thrunite TN30 looks to be a similar design to the M43 (Soda can). Judging by the pictures of the light beams in some of the reviews, if the TN30 is a bright flooder - that is what I want - the beam distance isn’t as great, but at close range the light lights up a wider area.

Of the TN30 and M43 - which would you recommend? Also who sells the TN30?

A 4000lm flooder with spill - that what I think I want?

Interesting article on flood vs throw here - Shall I get a flood or throw? Newbie who does not know the real difference..... = Orange peel reflector flooder lumen monster looks good for me.

I don’t know a thing about fishing but the range you’re describing should be perfectly covered by the M43 meteor. It puts out a wall of light illuminating the whole visual range in front of you, I’ve tried it outdoors and it’s amazing.

About the heat issue… All flashlights have some kind step down to prevent overheating, the M43 has temperature regulation to keep it in the 50 degree C while in turbo mode which is lot more than 4,000lm.

I would go ahead and try it, most people are happy with their Meteor despite the one of a kind form factor.

Might want to look at this one. It’s a dive light so it should survive all you fishing needs. It list for $252.00, type in coupon code MAP and it’s $189.16. Runs off of 3-18650’s. Acebeam has stopped producing it as they have learned that running current through the body as almost all flashlights do causes corrosion in salt water. Don’t dive in salt water and you’ll be fine. The 45mm reflector on a XHP-70 is going to give you a beam that lights a very large flood with some throw. The LED is 4000K.

Not my videos but it’ll let you know what your getting.

Lastly for my battery plug. There is currently no better cell than the Panasonic/Sanyo NCR18650GA. Looking at your post I think 3-18650’s just barely beat out 2-26650’s in performance.

In a boat or on the bank, I like the focusing flashlights when I’m out fishing. The defined edge of the beam doesn’t spook critters that you aren’t looking at yet. Unless you’re jet boating up a river then you want a car headlight effect.

Would a more floody light be more appropriate for you, or are you seeking something with quite a bit of throw as well? The Klarus G30 lights up (see floods) a very wide area, and will probably competently flood up to 60 meters in an urban environment and I’m sure will do much further in a darker setting. It’s currently $50.00 on Banggood and I don’t think a light of this spec can be beaten at this price.

Maybe this is not the kind of light you’re looking but I thought I’d throw it out there.

Heat will definitely be a huge factor. In short bursts ( < 10min) they do fine in turbo, but long runs will generate a LOT of heat.

Maybe some diffuser film or DC Fix on your TM16GT might give you the floody beam profile you’re after?

This is a good idea, IMO.