Fitorch MR26 disappointment

I just received this light and I’m very disappointed

-The manual and light description say there is a side swith but there isn’t one, only the rear main switch and the two metal paddles

-The lockout ring in the tailcap only locks the metal paddles, not the main switch. It’s also very loose and keeps turning itself, most times I turn the light on I find that I can’t change modes because the ring has turned to a lock position and I have to turn it to unlock the paddles, it’s very useless and I always loose a 1/4 twist the entire tailcap to mechanically lock the entire light

-Construction is cheap, the threads are triangular and came very dry, there are small metal shavings in the threads and I’ve only opened the tailcap three times

-I can’t understand why they didn’t include a cigar ring, how can a light be considered as a tactical light without a cigar ring?

-The light is not as bright as they claim: I measured 1450lm when they claim 1800 (I have a integrating sphere where my Acebeam L16 shows more than 1800lm)

-Stepdowns: this light has very aggressive stepdowns, and they are timed controlled instead of temperature like they claim “smart temperature control system” (the light stepdowns even with the head at 30º C)
After just 30s in turbo it will stepdown from 1400lm to 600lm, it even stepdowns from the high mode (800 to 600lm after 2 min and 30 seconds)

Thank you for this. Good that I’ve read this because I almost bought it. That was also the last chance that I wanted to give to Fitorch because they are very raw and bad products.

geez and it is $61!
are you going to return it?
just say it wasn;t what they claimed : big example, no side switch!

I was very suspicious because I bought a P25 and it has a million hidden quirks that nobody is mentioning and I’m totally disappointed.
You just described the light perfectly, so I’m not buying it, or anything else from Fitorch ever.

Marketeers copy and paste NOT knowing there is no side switch. :person_facepalming: