Fixed, thank you. Can anyone do FWAA repair in Australia?

I was replacing glow gastket in my FWAA and ripped the top off one of the 219c 3000K.

Any suggestions on where I could find the service of someone who could replace either one or all three LED for a fee?

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In despair I purchased a replacement from - they still had a 219c 3000K in stock.

Can anyone do or does anyone know of a business that can replace LED’s?


Kk, thanks for the suggestion - didn’t know they do service as well.

tim or owen might have a crack

Happy to give it a go.

I’ve got 219B sw30, sw35 from Simon and some 219B sw45k D200 and sw45k D220 from Bob_McBob and azhu.

Owen is active on Reddit.

I really appreciate it and it might be least complicated seeing as you’re in the neighborhood. Sending PM.

If you’re feeling adventurous, it’s not a hard fix to do yourself. You will need a soldering iron, tweezers, and a stovetop. Unsolder the MCPCB, put it on a thick sheet of metal (frying pan?) and heat it up until the LED’s begin “floating.” Pull off the broken one, replace with a new one. Note the positive/negative directions by the notch.

glad to see youre on your way to a solution :beer:

TimMc just offered you my two all time favorite LEDs :crown:


Did you need to pry the ring around the MCPCB out to get the MCPCB out?

I picked up torches this morning from Sillen to swap 219B sw30 into FWAA and try to fix the WildTrail WT3M switch LEDs. Thanks Sillen for the extra torches to play with while fixing two. :beer:

yes, it was not difficult

you can see a slot at the top of the pic that makes for easy lifting of the ring

Thanks! The ring required a bit of force and careful prying.

Lumintop FWAA Copper with Nichia 219B sw30 D180 R9080

Thanks for the suggestion, one of these days I will do an LED swap but not a triple to start with. I knew Tim has done this before, including smaller lights and he has a proper ‘hotplate’ or whatever it’s called. Turns out I had ripped off one dome and damaged the other two so 3 new LEDs. Great work by Tim!

Proof of Light! :heart_eyes:

Outstanding photo tutorial also. :student:

Congratulations! :beer:

Agreed, the step by step is fascinating. Very cool work Mr. TimMc.

I’ve added some comments to the album for clearer step-by-step instructions in case someone wants to swap LEDs in their FWAA:

A 10A 14500 cell might push the 219B LEDs a little too hard. A 3A 14500 cell may be safer.

jon_slider Have you modified Anduril for your FWAA’s with 219B LEDs?


I do not know how to reflash Anduril 2 on a FWAA

on my meter, the FWAA w 4000k SST-20 made slightly less than 1100 Lumens. With the 3500k 219b it makes about 800 lumens maximum.

I did try to burn up the 219b on Turbo, and failed
so, no worries…

Im using the Vapcell H10.