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There is nothing to compare with the pain of death.

You were here, and now you are not.

That’s all.

I search for you in old photographs, letters,

Things that you touched,

Things that remind me of you,

But they cannot fill the space you occupied.

The space is in me too,

Bleeding round the edges where you were torn away.

In the night, strange shapes haunt the space….

Regret, fear, fury,

All the things we might have done.

All the shattered dreams.

How can I go on with this hole inside me?

Partial person!

Don’t let me fill the space with the wrong things.

Don’t let me cover it up,

To eat me from within.

Give me courage to bear my emptiness,

To hold it gently

Till the edges stop bleeding;

Till the darkness becomes friendly;

Till I see the star at its heart;

Till it becomes a fertile space,

Growing new life within it.

If I had not loved, I would not have wept.

This love you have given me;

This love I have carried;

This love has carried me.

And I know that though I cannot see you, touch you,

The love does not go away.

Carried by this love,

We are not divided.

And there will be no more weeping.

I don't have the courage.

Fizz. You were loved.

And now you are not.

Goodbye my love!

You were loved.

And now you are not.

Thanks Kathy Galloway.

Please accept my sincere condolescence.

May Fizz have a happy afterlife in dog heaven.

This was the first time I met her.

I could post about 3000 pics but that would crash just about every browser...

There are only now two giants in my hometown. Here is one of them with Fizzy. Fizz is the one with the yellow collar. That is her "play with me" stance.

She is buried under the trees on the right.

it looks like a nice day

not a bad place to rest

she will like the freedom to let her spirit run free

A peculiar dog I have never saw, it has very long eyebrows

So Sorry for late post, but i do feel your pain for my family and I she a was a full bred Ratty and her name was Sheba. She died in my wifes arms with me sitting in front of them. Pics are on facebook and i loved that Queen.