Flashlight bug has bit me again, please advise

I’m looking for the brightest and cheapest light i can buy that will run on 1 or 2 AA batteries, so far i am considering the Romisen RC-29. Can anyone suggest better then this light for under $25 shipped?
An XM-L would be nice, but something like an XP-G2 is more then acceptable

Dplight21. You forgot the link. This light sounds unbelievable.

Wow 100% brand new No way!

I think the RC-G2 is nicer but it doesn’t zoom (if thats what you are after) but its a good thrower. The RC-29 wont be driven to its full potential on AA’s because its a AA/14500 driver unless you plan to use 14500s I would suggest to stick with a AA only light.

A 2xAA should give more lumens but the 2xAA market under $25 is very dated.

There is a 4xAA XR-E 180 lumen light by Dorcy that will throw about 300+ meters (1000FT) for $18 but thats only if you are willing to go with 4xAA.

A while ago I bought a Sipik SK68 clone for $5 and a $2 2xAA light to steal the extender tube from and use 2xAA in the Sipik to get 3v to it, that was very good for about $7 total but I gave it away as Im not real fond of zoomies.