Flashlight for Cycling

I’ll second JackTheClipper. Rode in today an hour before sunrise with a XinTD on one side of the bars and a Solarforce L2M with the Manafont drop in Foy likes on the other. It’s nice to have the mix of flood and throw but you’d probably be ok with just the XinTD as it does have pretty good spill. I’m also using the Twofish mount as I like to mount the lights under the bars and the straps of the Twofish link together like a chain while the imitation versions rely on the soft rubber block to hold everything together.

Have fun with whatever you decide to go with.

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I just want to second the comment of garrybunk, rechargeables are the best (and budget) option for long runtimes.
You should consider to buy a good (but Budget) charger and 2 quality 18650, that’s another $25-30 to spend, but these items will serve you well.

XTAR BK12 is coming soon. I read the released information here
also, you could visit their offical web:here

For that cost I would recommend a 17$ kd c8, a 2$ handlebar support, a cheap 3$ charger, and you have 8$ to find a good battery. I bought this for a friend, and he likes it (and I use c8 for cycling too)

2x these light:

The KD C8 is a decent choice (found here with OP reflector which I recommend). Only $16.98, well loved around here, and I have one. Beware though, you'll only get about 45 minutes on high on a good battery. Quality is ok.

Some have said the Shadow JM-07 Pro is the most ideal light for cycling (another review here), but it's $49.50 here (note: sold out, here's another option). Good balance of throw and flood coupled with using a 26650 cell for more runtime. I'm not sure how hard it's driven on high, but if it's 3.0A and you use a 4,000mAh 26650 cell, you'd get about 80 minutes (kick down to medium to preserve more runtime) - actually I just found a review showing 2.5A on hi, so thats just over 90 minutes. Shadow is a good brand and is steps ahead in quality over the cheap chinese budget lights. It includes low voltage protection too (so you don't over-discharge your cells).

A cheaper contender might just be the Keygos M10 reviewed here, and found here for $18.49. I haven't found anyone using it for cycling to get any feedback. I think the current levels on high vary between units (Chinese driver lottery), but I'd say expect 2.5A for about 90 minutes (again on high).

So now that you've had some recommendations and prices, what are you thinking?


At 1.4A current level, I'd say they are too weak. Those are also awfully small to dissipate heat (if you upgraded to a higher current model).


I’ll change my opinion to a fasttech convoy c8 with constant current driver

Link here. I would second this over a KD C8, but still feel the M10 might be best budget choice.


At 1,4A you get around 400-450lm from each one.
But even 2,1A option is ok for cycling, because wind will cool down the light.

DX is twice as expensive ;)


Well I think an XM-L at 1.4A won't throw far enough for the O.P.'s need - especially out of that small reflector.


Thanks for the reply’s. Should have explained it better. Budget is light only, Extra will be two sets of batteries cbarger and a suitable bar clamp.

I’d second that recommendation. You can even get it as a gift set if you like, with a charger and two batteries.

I find that flood is important for a handlebar light, with enough hotspot to reach ahead a decent distance, and my two Convoy S3s (“EDC 18650”) seem about right for biking. Usually 80lm is enough for my biking purposes, but it doesn’t hurt to have as much as 500lm on a bike. So, one of the 1.4A XP-G2 models might be about right, or maybe 1.4A / 2.1A in a XM-L model. I use mine on medium, which works out to 420mA or 840mA and about 135 or 270 lumens.

I normally bike with a handlebar light at 80 to 300 lumens and a head-mounted ZL H51w at 86 lumens. I find the head-mounted light more useful than the handlebar light since I can aim it easily and use it to signal to cars, but it’s nice to have both.

In a city, more than 150lm is probably rude to other bikers, and more than 500 is probably going to get you honked at by cars for being too bright. I’m tempted to use my Skyray King as a bike light though, just to see what happens. It outshines every car I’ve compared it against.

Had a good look at all the options offered and runtime could be the deciding factor here since the lamps you guys have mentioned seem all to be pretty good all round performers. If I keep the charger at home desired runtime would need to be 90 minutes and although it blows my defined budget the Shadow JM-07 Pro seems to fit the profile well (thanks Garry), especially since it comes with an extension tube. It also appears to posess a good balance of flood & throw, useful for cycling. Anything else to compete with this in the $50-55 bracket?

Glad to hear you up'd your budget to consider that Shadow. I doubt you'll find a better option.


Been away from this for a while but about to order a Shadow JM07. Have a couple of final questions. Cool white or Neutral white? Most of my use will be riding urban streets. To save on rims & tyres I need to be able to spot pot holes on wet streets under sodium light. Which of the two would give the best contrast on asphalt. Also what is the difference between the standard JM07 and the JM07-pro. The standard version comes with an extender tube which gives useful range, can’t find the Pro in a package that includes an extender tube. Unless someone out there knows different.

I don’t suppose a 4sevens XM18 mounted to a specially made rucksack would be overkill would it ?

Ha, just looked it up. Cool as f**k. I’ve got motorcycles with less power than that. :slight_smile: Wouldn’t have to worry about cars pulling out on me, could just vapourise them.

Shadow JM07 is great on a bike. I originally had the neutral but later got the cool white which I find I prefer for this. I don’t bother with the extension tube for my rides - a 26650 lasts plenty for me (though I always bring a spare). I also run a Keygos M10 at the same time. (Neither one on max unless I’m out of the city or its late and not many cars are around.) If I had to choose one I would go with the JMO7 over the Keygos. I like the beam pattern and the side switch is really convenient.