Flashlight for my bike

Well, normally I’m handy with tools.
But I have not worked yet with such small electrical parts.
Can you explain what is exactly to do? Maybe you have some pics of such a mod.
It would be most easiest to get a C88 first and then to decide if a mod is really sufficient.
But as the C88 has a small pill only, I’m quite sure that mod will be necessary.
Is the C88 available any where else (cheaper) than @ Manafont?
And where should I buy the XP-G R5 dropin and the required heatsink glue?

Sorry, I meant the spill.
The spill will get comparable to a 18650 after the mod?
Beacuse that is the most mportant thing for me.
Hmm, I haven’t soldered yet and have no soldering gun.
But a friend of mine has one a could help me.
Thanks for posting the links. Looks very inetresting and you seem to be adept in modding.
So what do you think costs shiping from your side to Germany?:slight_smile:

That sounds very good.

Are there any shots of a modded C88 here in the forum?


If you're going to mod this light use this emitter .. much much nicer tint .There's no reason to mod a light using the same stuff every manufacturer uses .. put the better tint in while you're doing it. It will make the light stand apart from everything else you have .

Shipping on all of these items is free worldwide ..

been seen trikins modding services .. priceless

Totally missed the pics, thanks for your advise, Be-Seen Triker.

I'm not looking for a tinted emitter. What shall be the advnatge over white bright light?

So best emitter for this mod should be XP-G R51B from DX, right?

Is the Fujik available somewhere in smaller packing as I probably will have to use only a shoot?

you haven't seen neutral white, have you? :)

Is this light “better” in a way? Should one have seen this?
Can you provide us with pics showing the difference?

If you are interested I have a lot of lights that my brother likes to borrow. We downhill mountain bike and trail ride so we need something bright and strong. So far this is the setup he likes the best and it fits your budget.

The KD C8 seems to be the best bike light for the money. I had to buy one for him because he kept taking mine.


Same deal with the mount I have bought 3 of these so far this mount works great.


A couple Trustfire flame 18650s and a charger and you should be good to go.

Wow I am looking for this one

Janko's question is 100% valid ... if you had a neutral emitter in any of your lights you wouldn't say what you're saying .

yes ..i'm absolutely suggesting you cough up 7% of the lumens for an emitter that placed side by side with a cool white light makes the world come alive ,makes colors pop .

7% is imperceptible ..and yet the differance in what the world looks like is huge . you want stupid cool white lights ?? they are everywhere .Why build a light and use the same trash emitter everyone else does .. you could just go buy one of those ..if you're a flashaholic you have 20 of them already .

saying the R4 is the crap emitter ...is just silly .. people come to this forum thinking sheer numbers and output is the only measure of a good light .. that's just wrong. it's ten year old boy thinking ..by that logic a loud car is a fast car.

Boaz is right it took me a while to "see the light" and it is neutral.

It is most important to me to see as much as possible. Be seen is also an aspect but not this important as I mostly ride off-raod.

So should I take R4 into consideration or not?
Pics comparing both emitters would be fine.

Will I see more with a natural instead of cold teint with 7% more lumens?

And what about the KD C8 compared to the 18650's 50B/504B?
The head seems quite large (t00 large?) for carrying in a pocket.

While I think neutral tint is nicer, I dont use neutral lights on my bike.

When I'm on my bike, I want as much light as possible, and neutral tint takes away lumens.

I don't own a KD C8, but i have read great things about it...but it looks as if it would be too big for pocket carry.

It would probably make an awesome bike light though.

After I’ve thought too hard about which flashlight to order I opted for 504B because of the seize.
Non-18650s can’t be pocket carried while giving the same light.
Is there any alternative to the 504B with regard to light outpue an also to price, maybe with 2 18650?

The flash light should fit at least into a bigger side pocket. I don’t want to wear a holster even if such lights have a better throw.
Are there any flashlights with 2x18650 and XP-G R5 or XM-L (why under-driven?)? Or isn’t there such a big difference to 1x18650?
Thanks for linking this XTAR deal. I’m already following this XTAR group buy.

I just want to let you know the last couple people that bought the 504B had trouble fitting the Xtar batteries in them. I have 4 504Bs and I love them but I do not have any Xtar batteries I use the Trustfire flames or the Samsungs. I just want to save you the trouble of ordering this stuff and waiting weeks only to find out they won't work together.

Thanks for your replies.

So the XTAR 18650 has some bigger diameter as standardized?
Where can I get the Trustfire flames and an Euro charger at a good price?

I have seen this Solarforce L2 before. But this flashlight also is only 1x18650.
Is the L2 better than the 504B regarding light output and build quality?
L2 has XP-G and 504B has XM-L. I think the XM-L is the better emitter.

But both flashlight are onlyy 1x18650. Are there any interesting 2x18650 models - which are better, but at the same time not so much more expensive?

This are good 18650 batteries and charger I have both and recommend them they work good.



I have this 504B light and it is really good quality it pulls over 3 amps on high with the batteries I recomended so 8oo lumens is about right.


I do not recommend to buy 504B from DX now :) I can compare two samples - one bought in march and one ordered about month ago. Older one fits all batteries well - XTAR 18700, blue trustfires, black trustfires... Is even brighter and came without any scratches. That new one is a bit junk - dropin and reflector is a bit different, some scratches on body, and it is impossible to fit almost all blue trustfire batteries (from 4 ONE fits), black trustfire battery fits tight :)

It is showed here https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2676 and here is video with blue trustfires :) http://vimeo.com/26288185

Okay, so should I go for Solarforce L2 as bulid quality is better and consistent? Or any alternative? But no 2x 18650 flashlights?

The L2 comes "only" with a XP-G. But isn't the XM-L emitter the one which delivers more light?
So should I take into consideration to mod the L2 later? Is there a fitting XM-L emitter available?