Flashlight from JUNK


this is my second modified light i like to make it possible from unwanted parts, there is no much talk here pics will tell the story.

The old flash light beside a 18650 Samsung.

A 18650 cell wouldn’t fit so we need to extend the host

i want some aluminum par best place JUNK parts an aluminum processor heatsink

Pressed down with a hydraulic pressure

The aluminum piece extracted


Well i machined it to be 3 X 1 the extended tube, the LED\Driver Pill , Heatsink and later i will Drill two holes for the driver wires


It feels nice in the hands

I Hope you like it and i wish i have explained everything

Wow..nice...too bad that big ole hunk of aluminum couldn't be used as a pill to absorb all the LED heat

Still very very nice!

Terrific mod gamezawy. I love your resourcefulness on the material used along with the terrific machine work. Whats next on the agenda?

wow! nice work

Nice work, especially the recycling side of it.

Good work! I’ve seen that style of heatsink with friction fit copper cores. I didn’t realize that the all aluminum ones were still two parts. Thanks for posting this, please post updates as you complete it!

Didn’t know that you will like it that much :smiley:


I have machined a place for the led to have a perfect center and the holes for the driver wires

Led Mounted

Nice job.

Still looking good. Don’t forget to go easy on the switch - if you put a high current driver in that flashlight I think it’s likely you will kill the switch.

thank you Wight

I am aiming for about 3A Driver so that’s why i already Modded the Switch with copper sheets and here is a pic

Haha! One step ahead of me. :slight_smile:

That not a Camelion, this is a Chameleon.


I used a Cree XM-L U3-1C 6000-6500K and a 8* AMC7135 Nanjg 105c with 10 degree lens from Intl-outdoor

and It’s alive !


Well hot dog. :wink:

Nice work!

This is an example of why I would LOVE to have a lathe (and actually know how to use it).