Flashlight Host and Uncommon Budget Flashlights

Niiice. I wonder if it can export the charts (or rather the data behind them). :slight_smile:

Probably too cheap Jet-u clone:

No info on UI: Keshun S04 10180 light that M4X has coupon for. Not quite enough info for me to bite. Also looks pretty long in length.

Forgot to answer before, sorry :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks for your words! This light is indeed easy to mod, both the LED and the driver, however you need to take into account that the driver must be one-sided or at least well protected on the contact side.
Also, the thin aluminum pill and the SS body make it more prone to heat fast with Li-Ion cells.

The pebbled TIR lenses are indeed great, they prevent the tint shifts of leds, such as the original XP-G3! So it is indeed a nice addition! If you get a driver such as the ones from the more recent Reylights, it can be a nice host as a SS light!

In my picture you can see another Stainless Steel light, the Nitefox ES10K. That is similar to a Thrunite flashlight (apart from the head, although there is a larger one as shown here: http://www.nite-fox.com/ShowProducts.asp?ID=24).

That is a beast of a host! Thicker and resistant, bigger than the Amutorch and the Enogear ones but also very elegant (IMO)! The driber is the only thing that needs to be changed on that! Other than that, it works great :wink:

Nice find icpart! Old school light without redundant charging port parts, anodized threads, 18650 light but one can also use 1xAA or 14500 if needed.

Short head walk means that it has plastic lens but it is very good find indeed :beer: .

Too cheap? Yup. I know the LED will be cold and trashy, and who knows how weak the driver will be. But with only 1 mode, hopefully it won’t use PWM. So, I’m basically planning on it being a dirt-cheap host. In for 3. If they mod well (emitter swap, resistor mod), I might even get more. They should make a great recipient of the $0.46 Luxeon V2’s I picked up from Arrow a while back.

PS - there are a couple other listings with slightly lower prices: link1 link2

PPS - when they come in, I’ll try to come back and post comparison pics with my Jet-u and overall impressions

Too bad it isn’t a TIR like Jet-u or i’d be in for a few as LED testers

Yup, I guess it’s a bit more like the Jet-UV in that sense (a Jet-u with a UV LED, they used a reflector in those)

I found this nice triple. The copper looks good. The price is cheaper on the english Taobao site than the Chinese Taobao site. Is this English Taobao site legit?

Well, I ordered 3 of these two weeks ago at $1.37 each. They just showed up today. They’re pretty much what I expected:

  • Slightly longer than a Jet-u, but dimensions otherwise the same
  • Cheap, glossy black anodizing
  • 1 of the 3 is missing it’s o-ring
  • The emitters are definitely angry blue
  • Pill is easy to remove. Driver is press-fit but also easy to remove.
  • MCPCB is 8mm and has a XP-E looking LED.
  • I measured output at 48 lumens
  • The head is slightly too long. You have to really tighten the head down to make electrical contact with the tube. A little filing will easily take care of this.

So they’re not without their faults, but seemingly worth the price paid. I can’t wait to swap the emitters. I might end up playing with the resistors too.


Update: I just reflowed a Luxeon V2 5000K into one. So much better now that it’s neutral instead of angry blue. And I picked up some lumens: it went from 48 to 71.


Multi color zoomie? That is definitely uncommon. :slight_smile:

Another interesting host:


With a reflector almost 50% larger than BLF GT (calculating area) it may throw nicely.

5000 m, 3.1 miles from a XM-L2, 146 mm diameter alum reflector. Might be interesting with a SBT90.2 at high amps. Looks like 4 18650's: 2700x4 = 10800 mah. Plus has a red light and side light, USB charging, etc. Lots of things for $56 shipped.

The claimed lumens output is a realistic 1000 lms, so you gotta wonder bout the claimed throw...

They say exposure distance, not that it’s ANSI FL1 rated to that distance. Chinese marketing meters. I don’t believe any of those specifications. Lol

Realistically it's impossible - 5000 meters would be 6250 kcd. I'd be impressed if it did 600 kcd with a stock XM-L2, but there's potential with such a big reflector and actually with a small investment. I know there's been other efforts here on BLF with some large, cheap reflector lights and I think they all ended up a bust.


The seller claims it’s 18650. I have some reservations.


The new CountryMan B1 has appeared on Taobao. It is similar to a Cometa or Jaxman Z1. They upgraded it now to a new color and 21700 battery.

Link: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.

Very tempting. Any way to buy from TaoBao?