Flashlight information for new users


Don’t just go clicking the button randomly.

Don’t point it in people’s eyes.

Loosen the tailcap for long-term storage.

Don’t leave it on the charger for days at a time.

Store long term at half charge(ish) for longer battery longevity (they can get many more years of life this way).

Don’t point at other humans even if they are a block away.

Don’t look at the LED when its on.

Don’t give the light to kids to play with.

Do have fun with it, its incredibly useful in many situations.

They should always try the light before charging to be sure it still is above the LVP level. Batteries that go below this level may become dangerous when charging.

Let them know that lithium-ion batteries shouldn’t be treated like alkalines that they’re used to……don’t let them run to depletion (the light should stop this but they still need to be aware, and when the low-voltage blinks or the button turns red or whatever, they need to stop and recharge asap).

They need to be charged with attention…stick around and keep an eye on it if at all possible rather than letting it go while they sleep or run errands. It’s just smarter.

You should open them up and set the temperature calibration and high temp limit for them before you give the lights to them. First thing to do with any anduril light, but that’ll make sure they receive them with basics covered. Maybe set the upper temp limit a bit lower until they’re ready to handle the heat or potential oopses responsibly. Alternatively (or in conjunction) you could dumb down the upper ramp limit a little bit.

Show them how they can choose stepped or ramped light settings.

Show them the easy clicks to lockout but also encourage them to do a mechanical lockout by unscrewing head-or-tail a quarter turn before tucking the lights into a pack or whatever…and to do that if the light won’t be used for awhile (if they don’t want to remove the battery instead).

Remind them to clean off the threads once or twice a year (and maybe regrease them if they want, with a o-ring safe lube). Also to clean off the ends of the battery as a habit every time they swap or charge, and wipe the ends of the springs and battery tube from time to time. Basic clean electrical connection stuff.

A lot of people are used to lights that load only with the head removed, so if that’s their thing, fine, but remind them about battery polarity and not to jab things into the driver board. I try to get people to focus on using the tailcap instead so it’s the one place they use for both cell swaps and lockout.

And no orifices even with consent.

That last sentence got me scratching my head?

With a crenulated bezel, I hope…

Like many medications our flashlights should be understood to be external use only.

For EXTERNAL use only.

Didn’t know that needs to be said. :smiley:

Before gifting lights with charging I always measure the battery voltage after the indicator light turns green to be sure it is not overcharging.

Yeah…whoops. I own the darn thing, you’d think I’d be aware of this. lol. I do like the Sofirn Narsil-ish firmware, though…actually almost like it better than Anduril and it’s sure a lot easier for non-aholics to figure out.

As to the other point… :beer:

Thank you for support on Wurkkos FC11 :person_with_crown:

Do not put it in microwave oven!

Buy all your flashlights in a dollar store .

In addition to everything else.
Read the manual that comes with the light. More than once if necessary.