Flashlight Maintenance

Is there anything that you members are doing to maintain top performance on your flashlights?

One thing that I have noticed in using my UniqueFire AA-S1 http://www.dealextreme.com/p/uniquefire-aa-s1-3w-osram-160-lumen-led-flashlight-1-aa-1-14500-24220 for a period of time (I love the light by the way) is that it just doesn’t work like it used to. Specifically, it is very finicky as regards turning on. I’ve tried cleaning the threads with a cotton Q-tip and I still find myself twisting the flashlight head looking for a spot that makes good electrical contact. Sometimes it will come on sometimes it won’t. I even tightened down the circuit board in the head of the flashlight. Is this a common problem? Does anyone have a solution to the problem?

Make sure to clean and tighten the tail switch. More times than not when a light flickers or is finicky it's the switch that is causing the ground issue.

I have the same problem. I think you need to change the tail switch.

Usually tightening the tail switch or the pill fixes the flickering issue.

At a certain point almost every light needs to be torn down and cleaned thoroughly. I usually pull it all apart and use IPA to clean all the crud off of everything. Once it dries use something like Superlube to lube all the threads and contact points. When a light gets dirty enough you can actually measure the resistance in Ohms and see the crud on the threads and connections is interfering with current flow.

For lights with difficult to disassemble tail cap switches sometimes a good soaking in WD40 will do the trick for cleaning that part

Also don not forget to clean the contact areas on your batteries!

Thanks everyone.

I think i'll try the tail switch. A number of you have suggested to do that and it seems to be something that gets overlooked on this type of light. It's a little bit difficult to disassemble.

I like to use Deoxit or Deoxit Gold to improve the electrical connection in most torch parts.

Be careful with the volume of lube used after cleaning, as excess lube can hinder performance in some cases.

I have used NYOGEL on threads.

With bare aluminum threads I get a blackish gunk buildup in them. Am I using wrong lube or is it just common in un-anodized parts?

Superlube is one of the cleanest lubes I have found. I used to use it many years ago when tuning up cars with points, its a great dielectric grease. You still get the black buildup on the aluminum threads it is the aluminum wearing away. If it was a completely dry thread you could get black aluminum powder there. So I am sure the NYOGEL is not the cause.

I like using Cal’s Universal Reel grease for threads. It stays put and lasts a long time. Great for my fishing reels too!