flashlight question

Hello, I have a flashlight (Mini UltraFire S5 CREE Q5 LED Flashlight 400LM 100-200m Electric Torch) that I want to mod. It is a 5-mode (hi,med.low,strobe,S.O.S.) i want to make it a 3-mode (hi,low,fast strobe). Do I need to buy a new module,driver? Also, when I turn the flashlight off and on again, the mode changes. I want it to stay on the same mode when I turn it off and on again. Could somebody suggest how to do this?


Can you solder? If you can, you could get something like below. Both of these are quite powerful for a small light like that. So the light would get fairly warm (probably hot) after a bit on high. You can pick lower current ones for less power (Each amc7135 chip on the drivers adds 350mA).



EDIT: Oh, that is not an xml emitter. The above would fry your emitter most likely. Someone familiar with that emitter can tell you how much current you need.

you can push the q5 to 2.8a if you wish, I would probably suggest 1.4a (4×7135) is more sensible though.

I am not familiar with how to mod a flishlight. Could you suggest an xml emitter that would work? If I get a new driver and emitter and solder them in, would it give me the results i want? Thanks.

will this have mode memory?


anymore feedback?

This is a 1-mode 1 Amp driver. No need for ‘memory’ as there is only one mode to ‘remember’.


low hi strobe