Flashlight/Stun gun combo recommendations/suggestions ?

Does anyone have recommendations or suggestions on flashlight/stun-gun combos?

I was looking at something like:

Guard Dog Security Diablo 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight with Stun Gun

But I would rather get something with a known LED (XM-L) and battery (18650).

Thanks for any advice.

Hello friend,you can check the link,more options for chose.Hope helpful to you.

Hey mr. Taobaobuy! I need to buy: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.108.DI5UvG&id=19020830239

Option “single (with extension tube)”, should be price: 180

Can you help?

-Jamie M.

I want one, don’t like zoomies but that one is nice.

For sure :slight_smile:

I’m doing live chat tonight with yoybuy.com to hammer out all the details. Looks like I can order 6 lights and have it be the same shipping price so I might do that and gift them for christmas, etc :slight_smile:

-Jamie M.

Hello Jamie M,no problem,we can arrange to buy and send any items in taobao.the price is about two part:first:180+10(express fee)=190,second,shipping part:by post,ems or dhl,ect,the time will different,and price will be different.payment item:T/T or paypal.

Ok, thanks. You were a bit slow with your response so I sent an order through yoybuy.com :slight_smile:

Can you beat $43USD total final price including shipping to me in Canada?

-Jamie M.

Jemie,that’s really good price for shipping fee,for us,it need $45,we need make sure the delivery time.

Ok, thank you very much! I have already paid for order with yoybuy so I will see how good they are with the order. They didn’t accept paypal which was very annoying, and they already seem to be confused about what I want to order! lol.

I plan on ordering quite a few more of these, so after I receive this one and check the quality I will place my big order through you.


-Jamie M.

And I super apologize for the massive thread hijack howler99 :slight_smile: lol.

-Jamie M.

I don’t recommend any cheap stun gun unless purely for entertainment. Most of them are gimmicks. They won’t stop an attacker because they are severely under powered.

I agree with WasteNihilist.