Flashlight tag


Totally Cool!

Fun! :)

Reminds me of summer camp where we'd practice morse code flashing from across a little lake, maybe 200m shore to shore at the points we used. Of course the lights back then were all dim halogens and any strobe was entirely manual.

Sounds cool! Thanks for sharing, CRC.

What’s turning out to be your top favorite mid/small sized throwers?

Considering the Astrolux WP3 has a range of 2.9 km, that would really open their eyes…. and you’d be able to see it! :slight_smile:

I also don’t “need” a LEP, but I do “have” one……

Someday I’ll go look for a safe area to play with it. Not a good light for just walking the dog, unless you have a greyhound maybe….

Ha I love it.

Closest I’ve come to that was when I lived in a condo complex years ago and there was a pool below mine. Some jerkoffs were yelling and making all this noise one night at like 1 AM so I held my Nitecore TM26 (this was a long time ago) out the window and blasted them with 4,000+ lumens on turbo for like 5 seconds. It was pitch dark - fully open pupils I’m sure.

They were all shouting “WTF was that??!!!”

Lucky for them I hadn’t bought my Imalent MS18 yet (:

Ballsy. Now a days they might shoot back.

Ha true. Well I was hiding behind the rail on my balcony and it might’ve been even less than 5 seconds.