flashlight tail switch problem / PLEASE HELP

I bought this flashlight from the [now defunct] CN-QUAILTY GOODS years ago .
Its been 1 of my absolute favorite FL’s but after years of EDC usage the tail switch has started malfunctioning to the point it is unusable !
Can ANYONE PLEASE HELP me figure out what kind of tail switch it is & exactly how to replace it ?
I wouldn’t mind sending it out to be fixed by someone with more knowledge/experience than me but I would rather fix it myself IF possible !
It only has 3 settings low , medium & high and ‘used’ to be VERY touch sensitive
Its is now for lack of a better term ‘’sticky’’ it doesn’t want to turn on and only after many times pressing it will you actually hear/feel the ‘’click’’

Heres a link to pics of the FL & tail switch


I just realized it say in the ‘product specs’’ that it is a ‘’reverse clicky’’ type of switch but as I have looked and noticed there are MANY different types/models of these and I DO NOT know which 1 it is !
Again ANY HELP is GREATLY appreciated !

Yeah, that’s probably a little cheeken cheep-cheep-cheep press-fit/snap-fit tailswitch, not easy to replace. (And that ain’t no 900lm from an AA cell.)

Got nothing to lose? You can try prying off that white disc around the spring, see what falls out. Then you can take a look at the innards and see if there’s a bare switch that can replace it (Omten, etc.), based on the style.

Or just invest in a nice new AA tailclicky light?

Im not sure how many Lumerns it is but with the Efest 700 mAh lithium battery it is pretty bright for its size !
I can see on the top around the brass button that there are 2 notch’s to unscrew a keeper/washer? [dont know what else to call it] so I dont REALLY wanna ‘’pry’’ it out & risk damaging anything ….if I cant get the keeper [or whatever it is called] off then I would like to send it to someone who CAN !
I know its not the greatest FL an all but it has been a good EDC for me and out of all the other higher end lights I have I always end up going back to this 1 because, well I just dig it !!

The pic on FT of the head/tail/tube just shows a white washer around a spring.

If it has an actual retaining ring, definitely try unscrewing it. Usually cheap switches just are press-fit/snap-fit together, not meant to be disassembled.

I get it, though, to want to repair it vs replace it.

YES it has a ‘’retaining ring’’ !
I can get it off but I still wont really know how to identify EXACTLY what kind of switch it is OR what to replace it with .
I cant seem to upload pics here from my PC !
Is there a way I can send you a pic [or how do I upload pic from my PC to this platform] of it and you possibly identify it for me ?

Thank you BTW !!

To upload a picture here, I usually upload to Imgur and then use the link with Insert Image in the forum editor.
Along with pictures, measurements of the height/diameter would also be useful to anyone who’s hoping to help you.

thank you !!!

Here is a link showing close up of the retainer ring still on …I am in the proces of taking it off now & will share an image of it ASAP


Here is a link to the pic of the actual tail switch that I just removed …can this be identified & purchased so I can replace it ?

THANKS for ALL the help !!


PS it has a small round metal contact [for the spring] on the bottom !



Here are 2 better pics of the switch !!

I don’t get imgur images here. Either they don’t like my browser, or vpn, or something, so f’em.

Go to fasttech.com, under [categories] look up diy-flashlights / switches, then you’ll see pix of dozens of different types of switches. Report back if you find anything that looks close.

ok trying that
thanks !!


This is the closest thing I have found to it…its the right height width etc the ONLY difference is mine/the original looks like the other tab [the ring on top] has been broken off or was maybe snapped off when it was made since it wasnt floating around inside when i disassembled it but you can see on the side where there is a flat piece of metal coming out just barely its cheap enough I mean I c=think Ill order 1 an just see if itll work

I keep getting “page not found” from KD on that link. ??