Flashlight User Interface Cheatsheets

Handy to have all in 1 spot…Thanks…

Thanks for your effort, CRX!

SB, I really think this thread should be getting the bluzzie beamshot sticky spot for
this is true general info that should be easy to find, beamshots are sweet and all but sticky? there are so many great posts and threads with beamshots, yet only one with the wealth of info CRX has made here :slight_smile:
EDIT: oh wait, there are not so much stickies in this part of BLF SB can you just make this sticky?

Nice one, thanks for the all-in-one place reference!

Many thanks CRX, subbed as reference

Isn’t the “Convoy S2+ Desert Tan” firmware the same as the “Biscotti” firmware?

Simon should be transitioning more of his lights to biscotti, but looking at banggoods description, the tan or sand color is still the older 5/3 UI. If you order from Simon, he can flash it to biscotti if you want.

I just looked at Simon’s store, he shows to have it with biscotti right now.

What about the crescendo cheatsheat? How to set thermal?

I’ll have a look at that.

Just found this. How did I miss it?
Great work!

Great thread!

That might be too detailed for a cheat sheet. I assume there is a manual?

Added diagram, anyone got a link to a text descriptive?

Can you be more specific?

Like a written section on the various configurations, settings, how to etc. Something like the D4 sheet.

Great thread, I missed it till now. Thanks CRX…!!!

Narsil and D4 v2 are superb. What a pleasure using a light with those ui.
Seems to me, ramping iu with eswitch will be the way quality lights will go in the future. Except for maybe purpose specific lights like gun lights. Why restrict yourself to a few modes when you can have them all with a ramp…?

I’ve tried many of the clicky ui listed. My current favorite are any of the guppy ui, then biscotti, and bistro.

I’d like to try some others, whats the general consensus for the very best clicky ui…?

Thank you so much CRX. Wish I knew which would be the best one I could install in my EDC light lol. :smiley:

It looks like the Anduril cheatsheet is a bit out of date. I’ve continued to update it since the image was copied, and I keep the most recent diagram here:

Thanks :+1:

Great and useful thread!