Flashlight with powerbank function

I have a Convoy BD04 and I love it.
But it has 2 major drawbacks.
The charger cap isn’t integrated which means I hardly ever use it.
It can’t be used as a powerbank.

Anyone knows about a BD04 alike flashlight that has a powerbank function?

New Rofis MR70

how about this

Both look good. But… nag nag nag :slight_smile:

Good price.
I hope this flashlight does not have next mode memory.
The charging and power bank function aren’t as accessible as it could but I think it’s more waterproof that way. (The rubber cap of Rofis may wear out after a year)
No blinky modes which is a selling point for me.

I hope this flashlight does not have next mode memory.
A very complete flashlight with battery, lanyard, charging cable and holster.
Shame it has no battery adaptor tube because I have several 18650 cells.
I really like the side switch.
This light has 9 modes. Do I simply cycle trough all of them?
Or does the light have 12 modes? In the little animation it states 4+2+3 =9 modes. But the parameter table shows 2 high and 3 turbo modes. That brings the total to 12 modes. That would be a daytime job to cycle through :slight_smile:

That’s the stuff I can see in the adds. What I don’t see is for example the power bank efficiency, overall quality, grip, overall user experience.
The JKK6 looks like the better deal. But not if for example if the JKK6’s power bank efficiency is 30% lower, takes hours longer to charge and slips out of my hand when wet; it becomes far less a good deal…

How about this?
Powerbank function is easily accesible:

Please compare
THIS 100, 600, 1800, (3800) lumen
THIS 650/15h, 1200/6h, 1900/3h (3800) lumen

The same flaslight but vastly different output. The higher output are listed on most sites, but the runtimes look kinda high to me…

My Convoy BD04, which to my best knowledge is 650lm, runs 50 mins on a single cell until it switches to the lowest setting. So the cell isn’t totally empty at that point. That would be 2.5h if it has 3 cells.

Ok, perhaps my cell isn’t topgrade but a difference like that?

I also would choose the JKK36 with XHP70.2 (.2 is important!!!)

650Lm, so ~6W for 50mins is a very bad result - that’s 5Wh - a 2.6Ah LiIon can deliver 9.6Wh. Maybe your battery is dead?

I’m not sure what you mean by integrated charger cap, so I offer this suggestion with that caveat

Fitorch P26R


I have 3 JKK lights and they are very well made lights .

Fitorch offers these two
and they both have been on sale recently https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/44130

I have this: http://www.fitorchworld.com/index.php?case=archive&act=show&aid=53

I like it very much.

Those multi-color flashlights look great (MR35). Perhaps a bit low on lumen.
With so many modes selecting them requires a lot of clicking. Nitecore’s smartring looks great. But is it? Any other lights with some sort of improved mode selection?