FlashLightNews.net is back in action

I imagine that many of you have used FlashLightNews.net, which has been offline for months. Well, fortunately they're back now. The admin there was very friendly, and he even linked to BLF to help us get started. I'm glad he got the site back up.

I didn't realize that the downtime there was due to being hacked. It's a sobering thought. I used to use Joomla + SMF on a different site, (FlashLightNews uses only SMF) and I was also hacked several times, although if I remember correctly it only affected the Joomla part of the installation. But still, since then I have switched to a new host that allows stricter permissions together with Drupal, I haven't had a single problem. The difference is like night and day. At any rate, this motivated me to continue to keep up to date with security fixes for Drupal to avoid this sort of problem.