Flashlights Acquired In 2012

Pictures say it all. Some other lights are not with me as I gave away as gift or leave them in another house, for example Tiablo ACE.G and Ultrafire C8.
This is amazing 2012 year for me as my collection grow from a few lights to about twenty lights. Thanks to BLF and BLF’ers. :smiley:
Among them, Trustfire X100 is the winner of flood, Thrunite TN31 is the winner of throw, while BlackShadow Terminator is the winner of balanced throw and flood. The winner of EDC is the smallest 4Sevens Quark123.

Wow, I really like the color of the Mini Mag! :smiley:

Also like the olive-green shade of the TrustFire X6. Great light IMO.

Thanks for posting your collection!

Nice collection. I can relate to this. At Christmas time last year I got me my first decent flashlight, a Mag XL200. Now a year later that light has about 25 more friends and I’m about $1K poorer.

Thanks. My Trustfire X6 has color mismatch problem though. The seller resent the aluminum shells but still have mismatch problem. You can see that color of some parts are lighter while some parts are darker.

Everyone please share your collection if you have taken pictures of them.

rdrfronty, we just poorer in money, but richer with flashlights. :party:
Dale, You have some collection similar with mine. TK70, X6, TN31.


This is my “family” photo. Have a few other standard mags and etc., but these are my better lights. And all but the little xl200 bought in 2012.

I went a little crazy the last few months of 2012! For the full year of 2012 bought at least a dozen more not pictured below. I haven't counted recently, but I'm guessing my collection has swelled to 400+ again. Time for another big sale soon. --KartRacer31

400+ That’s awesome!! I would love to see a group picture, where do you keep that many? :wink:

I started collecting last December so everything I have arrived in 2012 :stuck_out_tongue:

Not pictured is my black Sky Ray King, 2x UltraFire UF-H3D’s, gold intl-outdoor.com EDC and my soon to arrive SolarForce L2P.

Ya, where do you keep them? And you have a red TK35?

Your BTU is eye catching.
Looking at your collection reminded me I was thinking to get Oligth SR51.

Nope586, you have quite some SolarForce. I was thinking to get L2T as my first stainless steel flashlights.

These are most of the lights acquired in 2012. There's a few miscellaneous lights in cars, wife's purse, etc.

Thanks - I keep them anywhere my wife will not notice. LOL No, actually she is cool with the flashlight thing. I was into them way before we met, and she knows I have tons of them. Actually she was kinda happy I had so many during the 10+ days of power outages during Hurricane Sandy.

I have a bunch in my home office (which is kinda my man cave), and I have several with my camping and backpacking gear. There isn’t a room in the house without a few flashlights in it. The rest are boxed in a storage closet in my house. I really want to display more of them, but it’s kinda tuff with so many. It’s kinda fun having so many boxed up and just out of daily reach, - that way when I do pull out the boxes and go thru them it’s almost like geting new lights! Sometimes I forget about some of the lights I have, and then I dig thru the boxes and smile. LOL I really need to get out more! LOL

I've wanted to do a group picture for a while, but never get around to it. Here is a quick photo of just some of the lights I have in my office right now. I have 25+ lanterns alone, and easily 25 headlamps as well. I might do group pictures at some point, like all the headlamps, all the work lights, all the single AA lights, etc, etc, As for the Red TK35 - no that is a DX version knockoff. And it's for sale if you are interested.

These were bought since August 2012.

Not shown are two Solar Force L2m’s and an Olight i1 that were sent to my son in Qatar.

I must add, that other than a Sure Fire 6P mounted on my coyote rifle, I only started to collect in August of this year.


i started collecting flashlights in march of this year. I have had about 50+ or so come through my collection - I have about 30 right now.

Current collection:
6d maglite w/terralux & niteize drop ins, ucl, kd reflector
2d jayrob xml maglite
2d maglite (bone stock)
3d rebel maglite w/9a dw buck driver & n bin sst90
4d chrome fivemega m*g, osram 64458
Trustfire TR-J12 (modded w/KD driver)
itp a3 eos upgraded
dereelight dbs-t aspheric
firefoxes ff3
thrunite ti
vinhs skyray g4 (warm white xml diffused)
solarforce L2t
solarforce L2m
solarfoce S8
various other solarforce pieces
4x sipik sk68 clones
ultrafire hd2010
skyray king
varapower turbo 3 w/mb bin sbt90, aspheric lens
terralux tl300
streamlight stylus pro
L3 illumination L10 xpg2
nitecore ea4w

& about a half dozen p60s from vinh, nailbender, vinz etc.

sold lights:
2c maglite w/ 5x xre-r2 dx dropin
3d mag85
3d mag w/dw triple xmlt5 neutral dropin
jetbeam bc25
zebralight sc600
nitecore tm11
oveready cyan 6p host w/4.2a xml
eagletac d25c clicky
olight sr90 w/ma bin sbt90
dry 3xml
crelant 7g5v2 w/collimator
fivemega cooly w/dedomed sst90
modoolar/oveready custom host
crelant 7g9 modded 4.32a xmlu2
4sevens quark 2aa
btu shocker thrower

various p60s sold as well

i think im off to a pretty good start for only 9 months lol.

next year i will be spending less money as my wife went back to school and is working less, plus I dont have lumen fever anymore

edit: forgot the new modded tn31 by saab… i paid for it in 2012 but wont get it till 2013 ;p

“Symptoms of malaria lumen fever can reappear (recur) after varying symptom-free periods. ”